NICE Desktop Automation Drives Digital Transformation and Improves Productivity for One of Latin America’s Largest BPOs

NICE announced that its Desktop Automation solution has helped deliver significant annual savings via productivity improvements and error reductions to Liq, a leading provider of CRM and BPO solutions operating in Latin America’s telecom and financial services domains. Liq has also benefitted from 10 to 15 percent faster agent onboarding, 9 percent reduction of average handling time (AHT) as well as improved agent productivity and accuracy.

In honor of the improvements made, NICE recently presented Liq with a 2018 NICE inContact CX Excellence award.

“We are pleased with the results that NICE Desktop Automation has helped us achieve,” said João Mendes, CIO of Liq. “Our challenge was to implement new operations and make it immediately efficient by improving attendant productivity, reducing the learning curve and avoiding failures that could happen with the use of four different systems. NICE Desktop Automation allowed us to rapidly automate new processes and resolve issues the first time they came up, thus driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

​The six-week challenge

A large, newly acquired telecom client tasked Liq with establishing a new home for their outsourced Pay TV contact center operations comprising 1,400 agents, and wanted to ensure profitability within six weeks of implementation. In addition, Liq was called upon to unify data from four Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications through a single user interface in this short timeframe. Liq was looking for an automation solution to address not just its current objectives but rather the larger challenge of adapting its contact centers to rapidly evolving technologies and digitization.

​Choosing NICE Desktop Automation and Implementation
NICE Desktop Automation was selected for its ability to help Liq’s telecom client improve productivity across the enterprise and facilitate the integration of systems, while also providing a solution that is fully scalable and agile. With NICE, the company also benefited from extensive global experience in automating and digitizing the entire contact center value chain, which helped Liq rethink its overall business strategy. Once selected, the NICE team worked closely with Liq and their telecom enterprise customer to assess readiness, determine the design to be adopted and the configuration path to be followed for each required improvement that was identified. NICE then led the development of the solution, performed a trial to customize its fit to the deliverables needed, transitioned and embedded the NICE Desktop Automation solution and provided training.

​Exceeding Expectations

In addition to the project being completed within the challenging six-week time frame, NICE Desktop Automation enabled Liq to exceed all targets, including during the transition phase. The NICE solution also delivered improvements to Liq that are expected to extend well into the future, including in parts of the business that would otherwise not have been examined, such as building team skills and employee engagement. Liq attributed the two IT awards it won to the exceptional results delivered by NICE Desktop Automation.

Yaron Hertz, President of NICE Americas, said, “In an environment of rapid changes, such as in the customer service market, it is critical to offer value-added solutions that can be tailored to customer needs. NICE’s collaboration with Liq demonstrated that teamwork and alignment with the customer’s internal team brings the best results and enhances the use of the platform. We look forward to continue working with Liq.”

NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to which NICE Desktop Automation is complementary, offers a comprehensive platform driven by cognitive technology and uniquely provides both unattended and employee-assisted (attended) automations. The platform was recently named a “Leader” in Everest Group’s RPA Products PEAK Matrix™ 2018. NICE also recently introduced NICE Employee Virtual Attendant or NEVA, the world’s first virtual attendant designed with employees in mind. NEVA implements routine and repetitive tasks for the human workforce in a customer service workflow much faster, more accurately and with complete adherence to company policies. The result is higher productivity, improved process accuracy and increased employee engagement as well as customer satisfaction. The innovative, new robotic virtual attendant by NICE is fully customizable and easy to deploy and has the most robust and advanced connectivity capabilities that integrate with any enterprise or third-party application.