Zappix Announces New Outbound Engagement Solution to Help Customers Improve Business Outcomes

Zappix has added Outbound Engagement tools to its already customer focused digital self-service platform, creating a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to reduce no-shows, automate client outreach, and digitize customer experience. The solution helps enterprises improve the bottom-line through increased productivity and reduced costs.

Contact Centre CLUB

The new offering allows Zappix customers to automatically send scheduled, personalized messages to individual users or to lists of consumers via easy to use campaign features. The Zappix Outbound Engagement platform gives businesses the option of contacting customers about appointments, as well as status updates, bill reminders, and other useful notices via text messaging and email.

Zappix customers have already responded favorably. Clients in the healthcare industry are using the service to reduce no-show rates and increase revenues, and logistics customers are utilizing the service at every stage of the customer life-cycle: promotions, appointment confirmations and status updates.

“We are very excited to announce the addition of the Outbound Engagement solution. There are ample use cases that can be better served using this new functionality,” said Yossi Abraham, president of Zappix, Inc. “This new addition gives our customers the ability to improve business outcomes by using automated digital communication to increase productivity and utilization of their resources.”

The new addition rounds out a robust set of features geared toward providing users fast, reliable, automated service for the queries business receive most often. This solution creates value for many use cases, including:

  • Appointment Confirmation Process
  • Status Updates (on orders and tasks)
  • Promotional Follow-Ups
  • Actionable Bill-Payments

When combined with the Zappix platform’s seamless integration with back-end systems like CRMs and scheduling systems, the Outbound Engagement solution provides a fully automated and streamlined solution for enterprises.