Hyundai Capital America Adopts NICE Cloud Omnichannel Recording Platform to Improve Customer Experience

NICE announced that Hyundai Capital America has successfully deployed the NICE Engage platform for omnichannel interaction recording to support the auto finance company’s growth while enabling better service for its over 1.7 million retail customers.

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By leveraging NICE’s cloud based omnichannel recording, Hyundai Capital America is able to securely and efficiently scale up operations to easily record and manage its interaction data across multiple channels and data sources on a single platform.

The NICE Engage platform has been helping Hyundai Capital America improve operational efficiency, better understand its customers’ behavior and gain business insights from customer interactions in order to boost customer satisfaction (CSAT), while ensuring full recording for compliance. A key enabler of these benefits is NICE Engage’s ability to support the capture and forwarding of thousands of concurrent IP streams over a single platform in real time, in addition to recording, encrypting and archiving them. It also enables playback of historical calls captured with a previous recording solution. The platform was also easily adaptable to meet the company’s unique operational and business requirements.

Hyundai Capital America selected a cloud-based deployment model as part of its broader cloud strategy. Not only is the auto finance company benefitting from greater flexibility and reduced IT costs, it is also harnessing the NICE Engage platform as a foundation for the use of NICE’s advanced enterprise applications.

Reety Sandhu, Vice President, IT Solutions, Hyundai Capital America: “We sought to replace our previous recording solution with something that would deliver better CSAT and help us achieve our customer service goals. NICE proved to be a committed partner in helping us fulfill this vision. Adopting the NICE Engage platform is just the first step in rolling out an extensive cloud-based customer experience offering, which will include advanced applications that drive immense business value.”

Yaron Hertz, President, NICE Americas: “In today’s marketplace we are seeing a significant shift to cloud-based technology. We pride ourselves on delivering the industry’s leading cloud recording and quality management solution. NICE Engage is helping Hyundai Capital America drive best-in-class customer service across its North American call centres while supporting the company’s need for a quick-to-deploy, flexible and scalable solution.”