CallVU Chosen by International Credit Card Provider to Simplify and Secure Customer Interactions with Advanced Biometric Authentication

When credit card customers call for service, they need to remember and supply a long list of passwords and personally identifying information. But now, with the advanced biometric authentication capabilities of CallVU’s Digital Engagement solution, a large international credit card company can instantly verify callers using the fingerprint recognition features on its customers’ smartphones.

By adopting CallVU’s Digital Engagement technology, the credit card company provides its 2 million plus customers with significant benefits:

  • Fast, simple access to advanced self-service options
  • No need to remember, and constantly change, passwords
  • No need to be routed to a live agent for verification
  • Safe and secure communications that meet the strictest regulatory requirements
  • More accurate call routing

Most customers who call a credit card company’s service lines authenticate themselves by providing personal information such as user name, ID or social security number, date of birth as well as answering a limited number of personal questions, such as “what is your mother’s maiden name?” Callers who cannot provide their password or answer the questions are diverted to a contact center agent. The agent then has to authenticate them using a series of personal identifiable information, such as account number, the name of their spouse, home address, etc.

Unfortunately, social engineering based on information easily found via social networks and Google searches makes it easy for criminals to obtain user names, passwords, and other personal data that was previously more difficult to access. With Internet-available information, criminals can easily trick an automated service or live agent into giving away more information and even performing financial transactions. In contrast, the use of advanced biometrics makes it nearly impossible to steal personal identification and ensures the highest level of data security.

“Customers of most financial services—banks, credit unions, investment services—expect the very best services they can get, at any hour of the day, via a friendly and secure interface,” said Ori Faran, Founder & CEO of CallVU. “With CallVU’s Digital Engagement solution, these customers get the service they need quickly with a wide range of self-service options that eliminate the need to wait on the line for an agent. Adding CallVU’s biometrics to the credit card holder’s self-service offering further simplifies customers’ access to advanced digital services while strengthening data security.”

In addition to easing customer use, CallVU maximizes ease of use and flexibility for financial institutions by offering multiple ways to verify caller identity. Organizations have the option of choosing the type of biometric information they want to use—whether fingerprint, facial, or a combination of both—to maximize customer security or ease of use.

CallVU’s advanced Digital Engagement Platform helps leading organizations around the world to automate customer experiences and maximize digital usage in order to reduce costs, improve service and increase sales conversions. CallVU has helped companies reduce contact center call volumes by over 30%, cut average sales or service call duration by over 25%, and increase sales conversion by 50%-500%. With enhanced digital interactions – both self-service and in combination with live calls – CallVU powers easier and more complete transactions for both customers and agents.

About CallVU

CallVU offers an innovative Mobile Digital Engagement Platform that blends rich digital and interactive media with the voice channel. The company drives simple interactions to self-service and enhances meaningful interactions to a branch-like experience. CallVU’s platform comprises enhanced Visual IVR, collaboration, and Service BOTs. CallVU was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Service CRM in 2016. To learn more, visit