Forsta Announces Partnership with Rybbon

Forsta, the world leading Customer Experience and Research Technology company, has launched a partnership with Rybbon, the industry-leading digital gifting platform, to help Market Research and Voice of the Customer (VoC) customers reward their end users for completing surveys.

Rybbon will be specifically integrating with Forsta’s survey importing tool, Confirmit Horizons, expanding their partnership with the Forsta brands.

“Our customers are ambitious – and Rybbon is a great selling point to help them attract high-quality respondents, increase response rates, and provide a seamless, real-time reward experience that respondents want,” said Andrew Miles, Senior Vice President of Technology Partnerships and Product Integrations, Forsta. “We look forward to seeing how our new and existing customers use this tool to gain greater understanding from their customers to transform insights into action.”

Respondents can choose from Instant Rewards to redeem immediately after completing a survey, promoting long-term engagement. Rybbon also offers a unique money-back guarantee to customers for unclaimed or unused rewards. Rybbon’s existing partnership with Confirmit serves more than 1,200 global customers, across nearly 150 countries and has delivered over 2.5 million rewards to respondents.

“Our mission is to help deliver high-quality, valuable results to Forsta customers and a best-in-class reward experience for end users,” said Jignesh Shah, CEO, Rybbon. “We’re keen to dive into this partnership with Forsta, and together, provide a strong blend of products that benefit end users.”

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About Forsta

Forsta, is the brand for the recently merged businesses of Confirmit and FocusVision, two of the world’s leading Experience and Research technology companies. In collaboration with their clients, Forsta informs and inspires designs solutions and deploys their market leading experience and research technology to exceed their clients’ needs. Forsta, growing smarter together.

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About Rybbon

Rybbon puts the power of rewards to work for marketers and market researchers through its extensive catalog of e-gifts from top brands like Amazon and DoorDash. Rybbon works great for international rewards programs, with options such as Visa and Mastercard prepaid rewards that work in 150+ countries. Rybbon integrates with leading platforms including HubSpot, Marketo, and Zapier to make rewarding easy and automatic.

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