Translink launches employee engagement app in partnership with Thrive.App

Translink, Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider, has announced Thrive.App, as its employee communication app partner. Translink’s ‘Spirit’ app is available to employees across all areas of the business, including rail, bus, engineering and support teams.

With over 4,000 employees working across multiple locations, communication and information sharing is an essential business need for the organisation. With the additional challenges presented to Translink by the global pandemic, it was vital more than ever to be able to communicate and provide key information to employees, in an easily accessible way.

Translink needed a partner that could enable them to transform internal communications and assist in developing and managing an easy-to-use employee app.

Commenting on the Spirit App, Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive said: “We have worked hard to transform how we communicate across the organisation. All our employees can now easily access the information they need to support them in their role, and there’s increased understanding and awareness of what’s happening in all areas of the business – this has been particularly important as we worked through the Covid-19 crisis.

We have worked closely with our partner Thrive.App, who had the right experience to help us deliver this app for our business. The team has really taken the proactive approach in helping us launch with success. By working in partnership with Thrive.App we have been able to extend our app beyond communications and engagement to streamlining some of our internal processes. We are now able to share rotas and scheduling updates with our train drivers and we are continuously adding other new elements to the app. Thrive.App continues to help with new ways for us to embed the app across our organisation and increase usage.”

The Translink Spirt App is available to all employees in the organisation to be able to access information.

James Scott, CEO, Co-Founder of Thrive adds; “It’s great to work alongside Translink as their trusted employee app partner. We are delighted to see the ‘Spirit’ app being embedded into their organisation to bring everyone together.

The ‘Spirit’ app is providing a more efficient way of sharing the information that the Translink teams need to make their jobs a little easier, for instance, rotas and timetable changes. The app is also sharing important updates in real-time, latest news and lifting spirits of the team with more personalised content and social interactions.

Our goal is to help organisations in shifting their communications from traditional methods such as printed newsletters, notice boards and team briefings, to instant, modern, secure apps and we are delighted to help Translink achieve this and more.”

About Translink

Translink is Northern Ireland’s main public transport provider, operating scheduled integrated bus and rail services in Northern Ireland, including cross-border rail and bus services.

Translink employs over 4,000 people across Northern Ireland.

About Thrive.App

Thrive.App provides the technology and support to assist organisations in transforming their internal communications through the successful launch of employee apps. With the Thrive app, every employee can easily access real-time information they need to support their role, organisational updates across all areas of the business and feel supported and recognised as they carry out their duties.

The Thrive app brings everyone together, including desk-less workforces with limited or no access to corporate emails or intranets. Its client-base includes councils, healthcare companies, manufacturing businesses, food firms, retailers and other organisations across the UK, Ireland and internationally.

This software as a service solution enables HR, Marketing, Internal Comms, Corporate Comms, IT, Operations, and other professionals to create and promote important, relevant, timely and customised information. Reaching everyone, everywhere, every time with an engaging, secure mobile app that is ridiculously easy to implement and use.