NEC announces the release of UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT ‘WITH’ and ‘FOR’ Microsoft® Teams to the UK market

NEC Enterprise Solutions, global leader in Communications & IT solutions, is announcing the availability in the UK of two new cloud-based Unified Communications packages for customers who have deployed Microsoft® Teams in various capacities, UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT “WITH” Microsoft® Teams and UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT “FOR” Microsoft® Teams.

“These two packages come fully integrated with NEC’s recently introduced comprehensive, cloud-based Unified Communications solution, UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT”, says NEC UK & Ireland Sales Director Andrew Cooper. “They combine the best of both solutions by enabling customers to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration and NEC UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT for business-grade, cloud-based phone system features, such as contact centre, and advanced call routing”, he continues.

Customers can choose between integrating the power of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT within the Microsoft Teams application or using a Microsoft Teams-specific version of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT to work side-by-side Microsoft Teams to enhance their business communications, depending on their unique business needs.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT “FOR” Microsoft Teams integrates reliable PBX functionality into a Microsoft Teams application and is ideal for customers who want to make all calls through their Microsoft® Teams app without needing advanced features like call centre.

UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT “WITH” Microsoft Teams adds all advanced features of an enterprise PBX, including contact centre, to a Microsoft Teams environment, while still using Microsoft Teams for collaboration, chat, meetings and file management.

“Microsoft Teams saw a tremendous uptick in user adoption in 2020 and succeeding months. Knowing that many of our customers use Microsoft Teams, developing a solution that complements Microsoft Teams was a natural next step for our UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT platform,” said Ram Menghani, President of Product Development for NEC Enterprise Communications Technologies. “By combining the strengths of UNIVERGE BLUE and Microsoft Teams, our customers get the best of both products with industry-leading cloud-based collaboration, contact centre, and telephony capabilities.”

The packages in more detail

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT “WITH” Microsoft® Teams is designed for businesses that have oriented their collaboration around Microsoft Teams but require the advanced telephony features of an enterprise PBX. Customers can continue using Microsoft Teams to manage chat, file sharing, and video conferencing while taking advantage of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT for all phone-related services, including advanced call routing, directly within Microsoft Teams. To ensure a user-friendly, confusion-free experience, all UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT collaboration features (i.e., chat, meetings, and file sharing) are disabled. Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities also allow users to seamlessly sign into UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT using their MS365 credentials.

UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT “FOR” Microsoft® Teams is designed for businesses looking to add reliable PBX functionality into their Microsoft Teams application. By integrating UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT PBX within Teams, users gain access to enhanced, enterprise-grade telephony features, including unlimited local and long-distance calling, voicemail, call history, and basic calling features. Customers continue using Microsoft Teams for collaboration (i.e., chat, file sharing, and video conferencing) while benefiting from the advanced PBX features of UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT, including auto attendant, call queuing, automatic company-wide call recording, and more. All calls are managed, routed, and placed using the familiar Microsoft Team interface, making it highly user friendly with no training required.

To learn more about UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT “WITH” Microsoft Teams and UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT “FOR” Microsoft Teams, visit