Gryph for Compliance Now Available in Salesloft Marketplace, the leading platform for AI-powered conversation intelligence and TCPA/DNC compliance, announced its automated compliance solution is now available in the Salesloft marketplace.

As part of the marketplace, Salesloft, the leading sales engagement platform, will integrate’s leading compliance architecture to evaluate every phone number against TCPA, state, federal, and other Do-Not-Call lists so sales teams can increase productivity and revenue while protecting their brand reputation.

“Salesloft has been a proven leader in customer success and sales engagement for decades now. We’re thrilled to have our compliance engine, the most advanced technology in its class, chosen to aid sales teams so they can focus on pipeline generation and business goals without worrying about compliance,” said Chad Pulaski, VP of Strategic Opportunity at “With Gryph, Salesloft can leverage exhaustive compliance practices that include mobile devices, including B2B sales opportunities. We’re passionate about connecting sales teams with real-time, automated call capabilities that effectively streamline the sales process and enhance the customer experience.”

With the integration, Salesloft will leverage Gryph for compliance capabilities to boost sales teams’ win rate while avoiding costly compliance mistakes. will manage customers’ existing relationships by mitigating DNC and TCPA threats across their customers’ organizations with automated screening of outbound calls and campaigns. Gryph’s sophisticated and automated compliance abilities also cover mobile devices, curfews, state of emergency, individual state laws and other restrictions to guide sales teams’ abilities to sell better and develop a more personal customer relationship.

“Salesloft is committed to customer success, and that excellence begins with our platform. Implementing effective compliance measures into our platform relieves the burden of keeping up with the ever-changing compliance landscape for our customers and is critical to driving their sales pipelines,” said Devin Schiffman, Vice President of Global Alliances at Salesloft. “With, Salesloft can reinforce our dedication to customers by equipping their sales teams with real-time compliance capabilities. We’re excited to see just how much more our customers can accomplish with these enhanced compliance solutions.”

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