‘HGS Axle’ Smartbot Solution Improves Customer Experience for Roadside Incidents

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), a leading and innovative provider of solutions in consumer engagement, digital CX and business process management (BPM), announced the introduction of HGS Axle, a custom-built human-centric automated dispatch assistant that helps Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) teams by triaging and capturing information while alleviating stress for stranded drivers.

Developed to create an easy-to-navigate, 24/7/365 self-service emergency roadside assistance experience, HGS Axle reduces the amount of time and effort a driver must take to solve frustrating vehicle breakdown situations.

When a stranded driver contacts an ERS company via a phone call, SMS, or mobile messaging, HGS Axle’s intelligent platform finds the nearest tow truck, dealership, and/or mechanic, creating a digital dispatch which automatically saves customers much needed time and effort in a stressful situation. Via GPS, all parties can monitor Axle to view the status of the tow truck or other next steps in real time. The Axle bot works by tapping into the knowledgebase and using machine learning algorithms such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep neural networks to understand the context of the customer’s problem. Then, back-end activities are automatically triggered, such as a dispatch to begin transactional processing.

“Given the distress of many roadside incidents, drivers need fast and easy assistance to get back on the road, leading HGS to create a solution combining bots and human knowledge in a unique way to provide better roadside service,” said Parikshit Kalra, HGS Senior Vice President of Capabilities and Solutions. “HGS’s award-winning Axle technology makes requesting roadside assistance easy, alleviating both customer and agent frustration while getting drivers back into a functioning vehicle as safely and as soon as possible, leading to higher customer satisfaction.”

Axle allows for faster roadside assistance dispatch, real-time tracking, and mobile notifications for drivers in distress. Particularly in situations involving adverse weather, instead of leaving customers stranded waiting for the next available agent, Axle’s tech-led solution provides rapid end-to-end service that can easily be scaled up or down, offering much-needed flexibility and capacity for roadside assistance during critical times of need. To date, HGS Axle has aided nearly 35,000 drivers seeking emergency roadside assistance.

Through Axle’s automated self-service capabilities, the manual process that previously took customer care agents 10–15+ minutes to assist stranded drivers, now helps them find roadside assistance in as little as 2-3 minutes and increase agent capacity by 24 percent. Instead of giving an agent information over a call, drivers enter data on their phones via an integrated visual intelligent virtual agent (IVA). Through a series of workflows, drivers proceed through the step-by-step process, answering questions to ensure the right solutions are selected to acquire roadside assistance. If necessary, integrated geolocation services also help locate the driver and find the closest tow destinations.

HGS Axle optimizes costs and long-term savings through reduced overall agent effort and call volume. Not only do faster response times get stranded drivers back on the road more quickly, but the fleet owner benefits from decreased downtime, systems integration, analytics and real-time reporting, as well as flat-rate pricing.

To find out more about HGS Axle, visit https://hgs.cx/industries/automotive-industry/roadside-service/.

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