Europcar Transforms Global Customer Experience with NICE CXone

NICE announced that Europcar Mobility Group, a leading global provider of mobility solutions and car rental services, has successfully deployed NICE CXone, consolidating its contact centre infrastructure and providing agents with a single source of truth for all customer information.

With customer service operations spread across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, the company can now manage this from one centralized location, enabling consistency, improving the agent and customer experience, and providing the flexibility to adapt to future business needs.

Europcar’s customer service was previously siloed by region, with each local operation deploying its own selection of contact centre solutions with differing analysis capabilities. After a speedy deployment across three brands and the eight largest corporate countries, Europcar has gained complete visibility into every customer and agent experience across the world. This business transparency allows the company to standardize operations globally and accurately measure the quality of service being delivered by all agents. With improved data insights, the company can empower employees by providing targeted training, discovering opportunities for praise, and presenting the necessary resources to succeed. Europcar has realized a ten percent reduction in interservice transfers in its UK subsidiaries with IVR optimization. New omnichannel capabilities allow the company to support customers wherever their journey begins, promoting self-service options and increasing first-contact resolution.

“One of Europcar’s main objectives is the transformation of the corporate culture to standardize the customer experience on a global level,” said Christophe Carrère, Group Customer Engagement Director, Europcar Mobility Group. “As a complete and seamlessly integrated customer experience platform, NICE CXone allows us to respond to these challenges quickly and helps us standardize how we work and gain a complete view of our countries.”

Darren Rushworth, President, of NICE International, said, “NICE is helping companies like Europcar consolidate their contact centre operations to improve customer and agent experience globally while driving business efficiency. By adopting NICE’s award-winning, scalable CXone platform, Europcar has standardized contact centre’s customer experience by offering state-of-the-art AI capabilities to a fully outsourced operational landscape. It has also empowered agents by harnessing data and turning it into powerful insights. We look forward to supporting their future success.”

About NICE

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About Europcar

Europcar Mobility Group is a leading global provider of mobility solutions and car rental services. Europcar Mobility Group operates in several countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region to offer attractive alternatives to vehicle ownership in a responsible and sustainable way.