Route 101 Showcases How Mitsubishi Motors UK Optimised its Zendesk Instance and Empowered its Team to Grow the Platform

Route 101, a leading Systems Integrator specialising in Contact Centre and Customer Engagement solutions, published a brand-new case study detailing a successful partnership with Mitsubishi Motors UK.

This story highlights how the business optimised its Zendesk instance with the help of Route 101. By leveraging workflow tools, Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives, tickets, and reporting features, Mitsubishi Motors UK transformed its contact centre, enabling efficient call management, ticket handling, valuable data collection, and automation.

Mitsubishi Motors plays a vital role in stocking and distributing vehicle parts and accessories, as well as providing technical support, warranty services, and customer support in the UK on behalf of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. With a broad customer base and a network of 111 dealerships, the team opted for Route 101’s professional services to set up their instance, streamline communication, and ensure consistent customer service across all channels.

Nadine Hayward, Service Retention Co-Ordinator, Mitsubishi Motors UK, commended the Route 101 Zendesk Practice for being “…clear and concise with what could be achieved, clearly documenting the process along the way”. She went on to say: “The Route 101 team was very knowledgeable of the product and worked superbly well with us to understand our aims so that the system set-up delivered what we needed it to”.

Russell Attwood, CEO at Route 101, also said: “We are delighted to have empowered Mitsubishi Motors UK to enhance the efficiency of its contact centre. Zendesk is a fantastic platform with extensive capability, and we’re thrilled to help Mitsubishi Motors and others like them to really maximise its value. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the Mitsubishi team.”

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