Freshdesk Inc. Is Now Freshworks Inc.

PRESS RELEASE: Freshdesk announced the creation of Freshworks, a new umbrella brand that will bring together the Company’s growing suite of business software. Following breakout growth of the company’s customer support software, and the introduction of new products for IT Service Management (“ITSM”), customer relationship management (“CRM”) and cloud-based call centers, Freshworks products are designed to help companies better engage and communicate with their customers and employees.

Today, the Freshworks suite of products includes:
• Freshdesk: a multichannel customer support helpdesk which allows organizations to collaborate and support their customers through email, phone, websites, forums and social media
• Freshservice: a cloud-based service desk and IT Service Management solution to address the growing complexity of teams’ IT support needs through a simple but powerful interface
• Freshsales: a full-featured CRM solution for sales teams handling high-velocity leads
• Freshcaller: a fully functional call center on the cloud

“In 2010, we started Freshdesk as a ‘fresh helpdesk’ with a dream to make a dent in the world of customer support. While Freshdesk continues to grow exponentially, as a company, we moved beyond customer service by offering innovative products in the ITSM, CRM and call center domains. As we expand our vision and build more exciting products, we believe this is the right time to create a new brand that allows us to tell our multi-product story better,” said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO & Founder of Freshworks. “Today, I’m happy to announce that we are rebranding the company as Freshworks. We’re not in this just to change the way businesses do customer support, but to refresh the way they do business. Our goal is to build a company that is loved by employees, customers and shareholders alike.”

Adopted by over 100,000 companies in 145 countries, Freshworks’ mission is to help companies better engage and communicate with their customers and employees with refreshing business software that is easy-to-use, feature-packed and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a company looking to share customer data and insights across your sales and support teams or quickly onboard and set-up new employees, Freshworks’ integrated software products ensure all teams are all working together in sync.