Talent Collective recruits Rant & Rave to measure real-time candidate experience

Rant&Rave-GreyRant & Rave, the UK leader in real-time customer engagement technology, has partnered with global talent acquisition and management firm, Talent Collective (part of Alexander Mann Solutions), to capture real-time candidate feedback.

Driven by the knowledge that how a candidate is made to feel when going through the recruitment process will heavily influence their propensity to do business with a brand in their personal lives, the innovative partnership is designed to draw on customer engagement best practice and transform the end to end candidate experience.

The Advanced Candidate Experience Measurement solution will gather real-time feedback from candidates, throughout the recruitment process, and will be captured by both text message and email. Rant & Rave’s Sentiment Engine will interpret the voice of the candidate and present insight back to the brand involved, giving them an immediate understanding of key themes, where they’re performing well and opportunities to improve.

Because the feedback is received and understood in real-time, brands, Hiring Managers and recruiters will have the opportunity to take immediate action, close the loop with candidates and enable them to deliver a first-class candidate experience by improving their processes and developing their people.

Jeremy Tipper, Managing Director of Talent Collective, said: “We’re very excited about our partnership with Rant & Rave. I see this as a step-change in applying consumer-grade technology to the candidate journey, enabling our clients to measure the recruitment journey in much the same way they’d expect to measure a customer’s journey. Traditionally, we surveyed candidates either when they’d got the job or had exited the process. Whilst this provided insight, it could not be acted upon in real-time as it was retrospective. Now, recruiters and hiring managers will be able to act on feedback in the moment and will be able to make a difference which is exciting for candidates and talent acquisition professionals alike.

“We see this partnership as just the start and ultimately, we envisage a time when the feedback loop doesn’t stop at the employee’s first day, but becomes an engagement tool throughout the employee’s lifecycle.”

Kenny Bain, CEO of Rant & Rave, said: “Expectations are sky-high, and acquiring and retaining talent is crucial. We’re pleased to bring our customer engagement expertise, working with brands like easyJet and Plusnet, into the recruitment arena. It’s powerful to see a talent acquisition innovator such as Alexander Mann Solutions recognise the value in capturing and responding to real-time feedback. The candidate’s experience can affect an organisation’s reputation, and its ability to hire and retain top talent, so this is a game-changer for our clients.”