Nanorep Included in Top 10 Chatbot Providers for Enterprise Customer Service Report

PRESS RELEASE: Nanorep Technologies, a leading provider of intelligent self-service, virtual customer assistants, and smart bot solutions, announced today it has been included in Forrester Research’s report, “The Top 10 Chatbots for Enterprise Customer Service.”

Nanorep is unique in the chatbot market for its capability to deploy intent classification that requires only small training sets. This is the foundation of Nanorep’s White Box Artificial Intelligence (AI) approach, designed to shift how AI-powered virtual assistant technology is implemented and managed through:

  • One-Shot Learning – enabling businesses to deploy a CX solution without high volumes of existing data
  • Knowledge management tools that provide data visualization, with topic clusters and easier recognition of gaps for quick decision making
  • Easy input of new content with incremental models for topic addition in real-time

Nanorep’s White box AI approach contributes to the ease and agility of the solution, a cornerstone of the company’s offering. Nanorep’s effortless experience for both companies and end users is distinctive due to a focus on sophisticated NLU technology, comprehensive knowledge management tools, and support at every touchpoint.

“I am proud of our inclusion in Forrester’s first-ever assessment of chatbots for enterprise customer service, and especially of the customer recommendations of our staff, because I believe it recognizes the efforts of the Nanorep team to act as a true partner to our customers.” said Eli Campo, CEO at Nanorep, “We look forward to continuing to evolve our chatbot solution to help our customers bring the most valuable experiences to their users.”