Promapp Checks In At Credit Union South

PRESS RELEASE: Promapp, a leading provider of cloud-based business process management software, has won a contract to support digital process innovation at Credit Union South, one of New Zealand’s oldest and most established credit unions. Promapp will enable the organisation to boost customer experience resulting from streamlined processes at a time when the credit union is undergoing major digital business transformation.

Trading as NZCU South, the credit union has been serving the community for 54 years, has assets of around $133 million and counts a membership of just over 20,000 served by 74 staff. The organisation offers a large range of services identified by its customers to meet their financial needs, including personal loans, savings and investment accounts, current accounts and insurance services.

Credit Union South prides itself on operating with a culture which aims to share its knowledge and expertise to guide members on their journey to making the best financial choices for themselves, whatever their aspirations.

While the company needs to remain responsive to its members and their requirements, it became increasingly clear that it needed to move away from documents and processes stored on spreadsheets as well as an internal intranet which lacked a standard way for the credit union to document procedures to service its diverse customer base.

Following a comprehensive market review, NZCU decided on a strategy to build a central repository of its processes and procedures which would enable employees to access, share and update processes, mitigate potential risk with audit trails, support compliance and empower users to gain a sense of ownership in taking control of specific processes relevant to their role.

As Eddie Steven, Innovation Manager at NZCU South, explains, “We are a relatively small business and were operating with manual and customer-centric silos of knowledge built over a long period of time. However, in order to empower our staff to provide a great customer experience in the digital age, we need to constantly capture and refresh processes. We selected Promapp based on its rich functionality, its specific modular solutions for risk and compliance, and its perceived simple ease of use which will enable anyone in the organisation to benefit from its day-to-day use right from their first day of induction into the business.

“In addition, later this year, we’re also deploying a new Oracle core banking platform; we saw this as the perfect opportunity to implement a streamlined business process management system which can effectively capture all of the processes for this new system in a single repository.”

NZCU South reviewed several business process management options but found the level of local support and response which Promapp provided as another compelling reason to select its solution.

“Promapp values inclusion with users, who are encouraged to modify a process or provide feedback where relevant. At NZCU South, we also value empowering and owning actions so there was a real marriage in both companies’ cultures. At the same time, Promapp is a simple solution to deploy out to a diverse workforce,” said Steven.

As part of the deployment, NZCU South will deploy Promapp’s risk and compliance module which will impact how the organisation manages risk and supports new training programs for front line staff, enabling them to better understand where risk lies and then provide specific context. In addition, Promapp will support new staff induction programs critical in an industry where compliance is highly prized.

Once deployed later this year, customers will also enjoy a more cohesive experience, whether they’re in a branch, talking to NZCU South’s contact centre agents or using a digital channel. Promapp will also assist to standardise customer journeys through knowledge being made available throughout the organisation at both the customer’s or staff member’s moment of need.

“Promapp is the perfect partner in our commitment to deploying technology as a catalyst for innovation at a time when we have an increasing number of members who are tech-savvy. Promapp will provide our internal teams with a sense of assurance in knowing where to go for information. Promapp will be a living, breathing repository for NZCU South staff, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on our customer experience,” said Steven.