Guardian Group Engages Sutherland For Machine Learning-Powered Analytics

Sutherland, a process transformation company that helps businesses rethink and rebuild processes for the digital age, has signed an enterprise-wide analytics agreement with Guardian Group to offer Sutherland’s Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications on its Nuevora Cloud Analytics Platform.

The agreement allows Guardian Group, an integrated financial services organization with a focus on life, health, property and casualty insurance, pensions and asset management, to access easily custom-built Sutherland AI solutions to monetize rapidly its data assets to meet their business needs.

“Sutherland enables the Guardian Group to think in new ways, to learn quickly from new insights into our business and act quickly and accurately so that we can take advantage of new opportunities,” said Ravi Tewari, Guardian Group CEO.

Sutherland’s Cloud Analytics Platform offers Guardian new capabilities to consolidate, cleanse and synchronize data to produce reporting trend analysis in a dashboard format needed to run each business function. In addition, Sutherland will institute analytics best practices while leveraging proactive and predictive algorithms to identify new business opportunities and to provide management decision support.

“We’re building a rapidly moving, data-driven culture within our organization and we are confident that this move will enhance our competitive positioning for the long run,” said Paul Traboulay, Group COO of the Guardian Group.

To minimize the impact to Guardian’s existing, legacy systems, the enabling technology from Sutherland centered on designing and implementing new digital processes while leveraging its cloud-based infrastructure.

“The result is sustainable competitive advantage powered by hyper-personalized customer experiences, differentiated products and sustainable operational excellence,” added Phani Nagarjuna, Sutherland’s chief analytics officer.

The Nuevora Cloud Analytics Platform is Sutherland’s enterprise Analytics-as-a-Service offering that features large-scale data engineering, machine learning and application development services and capabilities. Nuevora empowers businesses to build, extend and integrate, intelligent, enterprise-ready, digitally powered and adaptable business processes with embedded AI – all without the requirements of maintaining or investing in an on-premise infrastructure.

“Our solutions help clients leverage their data to serve contextual AI and digitally transform their business processes,” said Andy Zimmerman, president of Sutherland Digital, Sutherland’s process design arm.

“We help them look at their business differently and unlock entirely new opportunities that previously were not apparent.”

Some of Sutherland’s Cloud AI applications that are ideal for insurance and related financial services companies include:

  • Suspense Amount Management for Cloud, AI leveraged analytics that enables insurers to wade through complex data streams and meaningfully allocate premium suspense amounts to the right policies. It is designed to optimize cash flows, thereby improving Loss Ratios, Combined Ratios, and Current Ratio.
  • Operational Lapse Accounts Analytics to better understand Agent Performance and drive optimal account management processes.
  • Operational Solutions to help drive efficiencies and automation in customer-facing and claims management processes.
  • Precise Customer Service and Predictive Marketing powered by analytics capable of churning customer and market behaviors into models.
  • Strategic Customer, Agent and Policy Profitability Analytics to assess emerging risks, identify new revenue sources and optimize enterprise-wide profitability.

Used by industry-leading Fortune 1000 companies, Sutherland’s Cloud Analytics Platform is a suite of purpose-built cognitive applications that use complex mathematical algorithms on a cloud-based platform to digitally transform strategic business processes and make them smart, effective and fully automated.