Say hello to Team Knowhow: The UK’s new expert services brand

Rolling out across the UK from today, Team Knowhow will provide a local, one-stop, expert tech service. Dixons Carphone, Europe’s leading electrical, telecoms and services retailer, today announces the launch of Team Knowhow, a national network of local experts which will help install, support, upgrade or fix customer’s kit – bringing together the very best of the Geek Squad and Knowhow brands.

Putting customer satisfaction at the very heart of the business, Team Knowhow aims to transform the way customers receive support across the whole lifecycle of a product. Offering a refreshed range of expert services, customers can now enjoy a super helpful service, including same day mobile repair.

Team Knowhow will build on the previous success of both Geek Squad and Knowhow teams that in the last year alone, have been responsible for eight million mobile phone repairs and six million computer repairs. Last year, 25 per cent of the UK adult population insured their gadgets with the two Dixons Carphone brands. With Team Knowhow, the same day mobile repairs proposition is now available in London stores.

The local, affordable, expert services brand will offer:

  • Over 7,000 trained experts across the UK, all ready to deliver, install and repair everything from white goods through to mobiles and laptops.
  • The largest central repair centre in Europe, in over 1,000 Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse stores, four contact centres, and 16 customer service centres.
  • A brand-new fleet of over 700 branded vehicles, with everything from 7.5 tonne trucks to smaller transit vans travelling the UK’s roads to offer a super-helpful, in-home service and deliveries to customers.
  • A local network of experts, with any customer only a 20-minute drive away from a Team Knowhow expert or service.
  • And superior Tech support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – ensuring that customers have constant access whenever, or wherever, they need it.
  • Importantly, Team Knowhow will be able to aid customers irrespective of where their technology was originally purchased.

Feilim Mackle, CEO Services at Dixons Carphone, commented, “Whatever the challenge, Team Knowhow is aiming to be the UK’s number one technology support service, always on hand to connect it, fix it, protect it, or improve it! We are a local, one-stop shop for expert service. Our colleagues make us who we are, and we are committed to being super-helpful, offering an impressively broad range of services that will consistently provide an exceptional customer experience.”

The exciting new brand’s uniform has been created in collaboration with Wayne Hemingway and Hemingway Design. Over 150 colleagues were involved in the development of the new look, and have several combinations to choose from with each item using higher quality technical fabrics

Waye Hemingway, iconic designer, said, “With technology being such a critical part of our lives, the concept of an instantly recognisable national team that looks after all your tech and home appliance needs is something that HemingwayDesign was excited to tackle!

“We have created a collection of uniforms that will allow Team Knowhow to showcase their expertise but also embrace a more casual and approachable direction when helping consumers. Designed to be able to be updated as garment and material technology evolves, the uniform is adaptable and designed to be reflective of the fast-moving industry and colleagues’ push to stay at the forefront of technology’s trends.”

From 27th July, the Team Knowhow service will be rolling out to more than a thousand Currys PC World and Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK.