Telstra and Content Guru Deliver Next-gen Customer Engagement

Australian leading telecommunications and technology company, Telstra and cloud contact centre specialist Content Guru have announced a partnership to deliver next-generation customer experience services.

Contact Centre CLUB

The partnership sees Content Guru’s market-leading cloud Communications Integration™ platform, storm®, embedded within Telstra’s global telecommunications network, to deliver a breadth of award-winning customer engagement into key sectors including health, finance and logistics, focusing on cloud contact services to global enterprises.

The global customer experience market is forecast to grow to more than USD10 Billion1 by 2020 as customer demands to interact with organisations at any time, from any place and across any device continue to increase.

Tom Homer, Country Managing Director United Kingdom and Director Global Enterprise and Services EMEA at Telstra, commented:

“The customer engagement and contact centre markets are extremely dynamic. The usage of cloud-based technologies represents enormous opportunities to transform the way organisations operate, communicate and transform the customer experience. The strength of our global network coupled with our partnership with Content Guru enables us to provide customers with multi-channel and location-agnostic communication services to help manage how organisations communicated globally.”

Sean Taylor, Global CEO at Content Guru, added:

“Customer engagement is going through massive change, driven by the vastly increased consumer adoption of digital channels. Over the past couple of years there has been a significant adoption of cloud contact centres and these are now integrating with Internet of Things applications in areas such as telehealth and connected-home to produce exciting new customer engagement hubs. Add Artificial Intelligence to the mix and it makes for interesting times.

“storm is Europe’s largest and most scalable cloud customer engagement hub, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with Telstra’s international reach to address this exciting market segment, especially when addressing large, globally-distributed opportunities.”

The platform delivers transformational communications services to some of the world’s largest organisations, including the NHS in healthcare, Sodexo in hospitality, Fleurop Interflora in retail and Chubb in security.