M&C Associates and LumenVox Enter New Partnership

M&C and LumenVox have been working on collaborative projects in vertical markets. Together, they are adding speech recognition capabilities to self-service applications and contact center services with sophistication that is breaking new ground with tuning abilities, grammars, and more that bring speech recognition to the highest level.

Contact Centre CLUB

“M&C offers deep expertise in creating, deploying and supporting speech-enabled applications that take advantage of the full LumenVox portfolio. Their broad-based knowledge and many years of experience allows M&C to deliver a wide variety of speech based applications to the marketplace,” commented Ed Miller, CEO of LumenVox. “M&C is known for their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality and value, and ease of doing business. We are pleased to welcome M&C as a LumenVox Skills Certified partner.”

M&C Associates provides voice solutions supported by the LumenVox Speech Recognizer (ASR) and Text-To-Speech Server (TTS) on the Avaya IVR platforms, and also on Genesys and Cisco platforms.

M&C has been offering decades of experience with subject matter expertise in IVR and Contact Center deployments, and proven technologies that meet and exceed customer requirements. “Add the LumenVox speech automation suite, and this partnership represents a mutual respect for the way we do business, and our best in class services,” says Lou Marianacci, CEO and President, M&C Associates LLC.

It was Veronica Fernandez, M&C Senior Application Developer, who successfully completed all of the steps in this process to become personally certified, and then proceeded certification for M&C Associates. “On behalf of all of us, congratulations on being LumenVox Certified, Veronica! Your dedication and achievement is a success for M&C as well. These skillsets and expertise are what our loyal customers and Business Partners have come to know and expect from M&C for over 15 years as they’ve grown with us – thank you,” Mr. Marianacci continues.

“Having successfully completed all the steps in this process, both you and your company are officially LumenVox Skills Certified Partners,” says Jeff Hopper, Vice President, Client Services and Lisa Cowan, Vice President, Sales & Business Development, LumenVox. “Thank you for making this investment in our partnership. On behalf of the entire team at LumenVox, let us extend our congratulations. We welcome you and look forward to continuing our work together!”

M&C continues to grow and transform through its partnerships, new technologies, advancements in professional services, and customer’s requests for more sophisticated implementations. Customers and Business Partners are loyal because they believe in the success they’ve achieved through automation, technology, and services – implemented, installed and maintained by M&C Associates.