Tuff Shed Selects RingCentral Cloud Communications Solutions to Replace Legacy Systems Serving 130 Locations

RC_LOGOC_RGBRingCentral announced that Tuff Shed, America’s premier supplier of storage buildings and garages, has selected RingCentral for its communications and collaboration needs across the entire organization. Tuff Shed deployed the RingCentral Office® and RingCentral Contact Center™ solutions. Recognizing the value of moving its business communications to the cloud, Tuff Shed cites enhanced employee mobility, ease of manageability, and scalability as key benefits of the RingCentral solution.

Previously, Tuff Shed was using an on-premises legacy system from a well-known provider for its voice-based communications, and various on-premises and cloud providers for its messaging needs. “Our biggest challenge with our legacy system was the minimal mobility afforded by the solution, which proved to be a challenge for our increasingly distributed workforce,” said Juan Ruiz, director of information technology at Tuff Shed. “We’ve reached a point now in our growth where it’s critical for us to have the flexibility and agility to move quickly. Our legacy systems just weren’t cutting it for us anymore as they didn’t have all the telephony and collaboration capabilities we need to make our employees as productive as possible. With RingCentral, we have a truly unified single solution with voice, video, conferencing, team messaging and collaboration, all built on an open platform.”

With the assistance of the RingCentral Professional Services™ team, Tuff Shed has been able to take on new deployments of RingCentral on its own after the initial Tuff Shed rollout of the first five sites together with RingCentral, including the corporate headquarters in Denver. “This is an ongoing project with more than half of our retail sites and factories running on RingCentral,” said Ruiz. To better serve and engage customers, Tuff Shed’s sales and support teams are using RingCentral Contact Center integrated with RingCentral Office voice, video, messaging, and conferencing capabilities. In addition, Tuff Shed has plans to leverage RingCentral’s integrations with leading cloud business applications, such as Salesforce, to further streamline daily workflow improving overall productivity.

“We’re excited to support Tuff Shed’s growing distributed workforce and need for a fully integrated, collaborative communications experience,” said Ryan Azus, senior vice president of sales and services at RingCentral. “The RingCentral solution is designed to give enterprises such as Tuff Shed the flexibility they need to easily and rapidly scale their communications and collaboration capabilities to stay connected with customers, partners, and employees. We look forward to further supporting their team as they leverage the full power of the RingCentral platform.”