United Nearshore Operation (UNO), Number one in Call Centers with Avaya Private Cloud Services

new avaya logoAvaya announced it will be working with United Nearshore Operation (UNO), a Santiago, Dominican Republic-based global call center company to implement its Avaya Private Cloud Services for Call Center. UNO becomes the first in the region to implement an Avaya services solution in the private cloud, adding the latest technology to the call center services it offers to its local and international customers.

The system was deployed with the support of Isbel, an Avaya business partner.

UNO sought to invest in a solid technology platform, robust enough to offer world-class service and meet the growing needs of its call center. It also wanted the flexibility, continuity and stability provided by an OPEX model, with access to the latest technology and improved platform management. Furthermore, UNO needed a partner that could support its plans to target larger local and foreign clients to grow its business, while maintaining a high quality operation and taking advantage of the added capacity its second center in Santo Domingo provides, which opened in 2016.

Continuity, stability and transparency

UNO evaluated six vendors and determined that Avaya Private Cloud Services was the solution best suited for its needs.

“The credibility of the solution is a very important element; since 2004, we have only had a single interruption in our Avaya PBX. The performance of the platform exceeds the technical documentation. Its cost is competitive, not only compared to similar platforms but also compared to a hosted solution. The level of flexibility of the infrastructure and its architecture is a significant benefit to our business. Thanks to the CTI-Avaya integration, we have been developing reports and applications platforms internally, which have made it easier to raise the effectiveness and quality of the service delivered to customers.

Additionally, the service recevied from Avaya and its business partner, Isbel is simply excellent; from the point of view of technical performance, support and maintenance, as well as the business part. We have never experienced the typical situation where they are present until the sale is achieved and then disappear. The service has been constant, even with non-brand products. To quote a Dominican saying, I would recommend Avaya with my eyes shut and hands tied.” Vittorio Dallomo, financial vice president of UNO Dominicana.

The transfer of the current solution to the private cloud provides the added benefit of continuity for UNO’s internal software development group to keep creating customized solutions for its clients. The demands for continuity, stability, support and service levels are resolved through the selection of Avaya Private Cloud Services.

“One relevant advantage is that Avaya’s solution is evergreen. This means that any enhancement or new product that Avaya develops will be available to UNO. If any client has a specific request, it can be implemented and integrated into the platform easily and seamlessly, and that is important to create new business opportunities.” Isabel Valer, Channel Leader for Caribbean & Central America Region, Avaya