NICE Introduces Compliance Center – A Dedicated Solution for Compliance Assurance and Management

NICE announced the introduction of NICE Compliance Center, a unique compliance recording solution for the contact center industry. Combining NICE’s leading recording platform with analytics capabilities and end-to-end media encryption, Compliance Center is a holistic solution that reduces the risk of regulatory breaches while centralizing all compliance management activities, for optimal efficiency and rapid adaptation to changing regulations.

In the current regulatory environment, and with new legislation anticipated, such as PCI DSS 3.2, MiFID II and GDPR, organizations must be able to capture, retain, identify and retrieve every customer interaction from any channel according to specific regulatory guidelines. Leveraging the benefits of NICE Engage, the omnichannel recording platform which offers real-time capabilities, advanced scalability, and end-to-end media encryption, Compliance Center ensures that the proper regulatory procedures are in place by applying specific compliance performance indicators and interaction analytics. The solution also includes dedicated dashboards, leveraging insights from the recorded data and metadata.

With flexible recording and archiving rules to tag and retrieve interactions, the solution allows companies to promptly comply with stringent regulations requiring the immediate provision of evidence for audits. Moreover, when suspicious behavior is detected anywhere along the audit trail, during or after an interaction, NICE Compliance center enables users to perform investigation and take immediate corrective action directly from the user dashboard. By doing so, the solution empowers users across the contact center and substantially reduces breaches.

Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group: “Compliance is one of the top priorities for NICE, as it is an increasingly critical issue across all industries. The NICE Compliance Center empowers organizations to meet regulatory demands, while providing the agility needed to quickly adapt to legislative changes. It combines all of our advanced compliance and security capabilities with our innovative analytics and robust recording platform, enabling contact centers to take the correct actions, when and how they need to.”

Omer Minkara, Industry Analyst for the Aberdeen Group: “The impact of omnichannel communications is felt far beyond traditional customer interaction processes. This also affects how companies, including contact centers across the world, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The capabilities of NICE Compliance Center makes it easy for users within the enterprise to ensure omni-channel compliance by monitoring issues and addressing them in a timely fashion. Enabling users, such as IT staff, agents and compliance professionals, to manage these processes end-to-end helps increase user productivity and shorten response times in addressing compliance risks in the contact center and in the back office.”