Voxbone Customers Strike Gold in the Cloud Using Speech Analytics with CallMiner

Voxbone’s recently launched Speech Analytics service is now giving customers easy access to transformative data supported by CallMiner Eureka. Pairing Eureka’s insights with Voxbone’s cloud-based voice communications and recording infrastructure means that users can dramatically improve agent performance with actionable call analytics–interactions that may have otherwise gone undocumented–without having to invest in extra equipment, staff or systems.

CallMiner has processed more than two billion hours of conversations for small agencies to Fortune 500 companies. Its flagship product, Eureka, is capable of offering industry leading speech recognition accuracy in more than 30 different languages and dialects. Coupled with Voxbone’s extensive global reach and high-quality recording capabilities, Speech Analytics is designed to support international businesses and call centers with the most reliable transcriptions, tracking and insights possible.

CallMiner is focused on increasing efficiency and lowering costs associated with compliance, monitoring and customer support. Eureka gives businesses greater visibility into voice interactions and can measure for resolution times, beneficial sales behaviors and quality assurance–areas that can create opportunities to save time and resources and increase revenue. Supported by Voxbone’s cloud-based communications services and high-quality recording capabilities, Speech Analytics provide a clear solution to the problems posed by both traditional telephony and in-house call monitoring.

“We are thrilled that Voxbone’s customers will have access to CallMiner Eureka to help boost sales, streamline resolution times and generally increase visibility for their voice-based processes,” says CallMiner Vice President of Global Business, Tom Wendt. “The customer engagement and agent performance metrics that Speech Analytics can offer Voxbone customers are not only of major value, but they’re also easy to access without the need for extra equipment or dedicated staff.”

“In working with CallMiner Eureka, Voxbone is giving its customers an opportunity to benefit from better visibility into and understanding of the voice interactions that are vitally important to a business, yet not so easy to extract,” says Shachar Radin-Shomrat, Voxbone CCO. “Speech Analytics not only makes the process simpler, it also makes it more cost-effective, as calls and recordings take place in the cloud rather than through expensive on-premise hardware. This is an opportunity to transform voice interactions for the better, and we’re thrilled to offer this service our customers.”