Intradiem Announces Partnership with AXA

Intradiem is pleased to announce a partnership with AXA, the number one Global Insurance Brand, with AXA using Intradiem’s real-time Contact Centre Automation for their contact centre operations and frontline workforce.

Intradiem will provide AXA the ability to automate instantaneous workforce adjustments in response to 24/7 real-time monitoring of millions of WFM and ACD data points and acting upon specific real-time conditions.

“Intradiem’s unique and proven real-time automation platform gives customers the capabilities to materially reduce the costs of centre operations and improve agent performance. Our growth and customer success continue to be driven by our expanding customer community. We are excited to welcome AXA as a part of that community,” cites Matt McConnell, CEO Intradiem.

Working with Intradiem empowers and modernizes the workforce to be more strategically focused on complex work while exceeding the service needs of the clients. In addition, using our integrated mobile application, our partners can offer a greater work-life balance to their frontline.