Resilient plc strengthens board by appointing Chris Drake as Chief Technology Officer

The Resilient board has demonstrated its commitment to moving to the next stage of expansion by appointing Chris Drake as Chief Technology Officer. Chris has worked with Resilient plc for the last 12 months implementing a technology strategy that will springboard Resilient to the global stage.

Chris is passionate about how technology can be used to transform businesses and solve industry problems. He has worked with public cloud based software-as-a-service platforms since 2004, before “cloud computing” was popularised. In his previous roles at ProProcure, Chris led technology teams to create solutions that enabled large global organisations such as Unilever and Pernod Ricard to simplify purchasing processes while providing greater visibility and optimisation of spend.

Discussing Resilient’s technology strategy, Chris explains “We are driving towards full adoption of public cloud, preferring the latest, proven serverless technologies to reduce infrastructure management overheads, streamline scaling, optimise costs, improve global accessibility, and allow our teams to deliver faster than ever. We’re also recognising that Resilient’s products are just one piece in our customers’ overall technology landscape, so enabling better cooperation with other systems through APIs is high on our agenda. From a functional perspective, the teams are innovating in the machine learning space and adding the intelligence this brings to our products; for example we are analysing billions of call records to build ML models which can identify suspicious callers before the call is even connected, as part of our new telephone fraud prevention solution.”

Chris adds, “It really is my belief that success in technology starts with people. As such, we are hiring the best talent in the industry, have restructured into small cross-functional teams focussed on specific products, and promoted high levels of collaboration. In conjunction with a modernised development toolset this has supercharged our efforts and is enabling more customer value to be delivered, more frequently.”

Chris’ remit now extends beyond the Software Engineering department, “Technology is here to make everyone’s lives easier and we’re already on the path to digital transformation across the company, ensuring we can run a smart and efficient business that is free to focus on working more strategically with our partners and customers.”

This holistic technology strategy provides Resilient with the ability to accelerate global expansion through multiple resellers, with speed and scale.

Geoffrey Patterson, Chairman and CEO at Resilient plc comments “By appointing Chris Drake to the board as Chief Technology Officer it reflects our commitment to introduce new technologies that will extend our range of customers across the globe and through multiple vendors.”