AMC Technology Announces Launch of New Cloud Solution, DaVinci for Salesforce

AMC Technology, a leading customer service integration platform provider, is launching its newest product, DaVinci for Salesforce. DaVinci is a flexible cloud-based contact centre solution that scales to fit the needs of any organization.

“As customer needs expand into cloud-based CPaaS, we’re excited to respond with DaVinci, a product that can speak to pure cloud communication and CRM,” said Anthony Uliano, Founder and CTO of AMC Technology.

The integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP C4C provided by DaVinci and the CPaaS like Twilio Flex, Amazon Connect and Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform, add to the breadth of connections AMC already provides with its premise based platform, Picasso.

In addition to basic channel functionality provided by AMC’s on-premise suite (Picasso), DaVinci will provide customers with a new set of functionalities. DaVinci provides the ability to add apps for agent augmentation like language translation, sentiment analysis and speech recognition for enhanced communication experiences. Advanced reporting capabilities provided by DaVinci for Salesforce will give customers a complete 360 degree view of both Salesforce Omni-Channel and their phone system’s call metrics.

DaVinci for Salesforce will support Salesforce Omni-Channel external routing and Salesforce Omni-Channel blended agent experience. The cloud offering brings a new set of benefits to customers including ease of install, use and sign-up, and affordable payment options for varying business sizes with pay-as-you go subscription models.

“As more of the industry continues to migrate towards the cloud, we’re happy to be introducing customers to DaVinci,” said Uliano.

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