Vonage Contact Center helps RAM Tracking Avoid Disruption in Customer Experience

Vonage announced that RAM Tracking has maintained its commitment to outstanding customer service with the Vonage Contact Center by transitioning employees from working in the office to their homes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

RAM Tracking, a provider of GPS vehicle tracking systems, chose the Vonage Contact Center to help transform its sales operations, increase conversion rates and improve business efficiencies, while delivering a better customer experience. The company was built on the principles of customer service excellence and technical innovation and has over 80,000 GPS vehicle tracking units on the road for more than 10,000 customers, making it a market leader in the industry.

With the Vonage Contact Center, RAM Tracking was able to seamlessly transition all 80 employees in the UK and Canada from working at the office to their homes overnight, ensuring remote accessibility to all data and customer records.

Chris McClellan, CEO and Founder of RAM Tracking, said, “It’s vital for us to be able to deliver a continuous, effective service when the unexpected happens. Unplanned events can have a serious impact on business operations, so continuity planning is crucial to ensure the contact centre can run smoothly in all eventualities. The Vonage Contact Center is now being used by employees at home as effectively as it would be in the office – RAM Tracking has a 360-degree view of the customer, can transfer calls between remote agents, track, log and record all calls. We’re finding that productivity is even higher with a remote workforce, without the distractions of the office.”

McClellan continues, “Without Vonage for our sales and customer service team, which is about 75 percent of our business, it would have been extremely difficult if not impossible to continue operating remotely. With our contact centre running successfully, we can now focus on the handling of other on-site activities.”

“Contact centers play a key role in supporting customers as they are often the first line of defence. And in uncertain times, it’s vital for businesses to stay connected to customers without disruption,” said Rodolpho Cardenuto, President, Vonage Applications Group. “We’re pleased that the Vonage Contact Center can enable organizations like RAM Tracking to easily operate remotely while delivering the best possible customer experience.”

A Real-Time Window into the Contact Centre

Vonage’s Contact Center provides managers at RAM Tracking with a real-time window into the entire operation, regardless of employee location, making it easy to manage remote employees. In addition, customizable reports with rich data allow the company to identify opportunities for improvement. RAM Tracking also benefits from call recording, which provides meaningful insight into performance and helps the company train and develop employees. Recordings are stored in its CRM platform and can be securely accessed from any location.

RAM Tracking makes more than half a million outbound sales calls and receives more than 75,000 inbound service calls each year. Calls cover all aspects of RAM Tracking’s business, from service to sales and accounts, with the Vonage solution offering insight into the entire operation. Since implementation of Vonage Contact Center, CSAT and NPS results are up to 70 percent and pipeline has increased by 47 percent.

Read the case study to find out more about how Vonage drives RAM Tracking’s sales and service excellence.

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To learn more about RAM Tracking, visit https://www.ramtracking.com.