ResponseTap launches Ember for contact centres

ResponseTap, Europe’s leading call tracking provider, has announced the launch of its ground-breaking contact centre product Ember. The new solution personalises inbound phone calls, killing off the need for businesses to use IVRs and increasing call conversion rates.

IVRs have long been considered the biggest problem in the call centre industry and were once voted ‘the most annoying invention of all time’. ResponseTap’s Call Intelligence platform, displaying a different phone number to each web visitor, powers Ember. The new product instantaneously analyses thousands of data points, including the caller’s online journey and previous purchases or call history, and automatically routes them to the best agent to deal with their call. This minimises call routing friction and means specialist agents can handle the most relevant calls to suit their expertise, personalising the phone call experience.

The product also allows call centres to prioritise the most valuable calls, alongside using factors such as demographics to pair callers with the best matched handler and provide agents with prompts to help steer the call to the best outcome.

CEO of ResponseTap Ross Fobian said “Consumers now expect the kind of personalisation that the likes of Amazon and Uber offer. Yet the call centre has for too long been stuck in the past, the last bastion of slow, manual processes. Until now the technology hasn’t existed that can personalise phone calls. We’re delighted to have developed Ember, a product that tackles this issue head-on. Ember is a game-changer for the call and contact centre community and for ResponseTap this is an exciting next step.”

Luke Squires, Head of Customer Centre & Trading Delivery at Virgin Holidays said “Using Ember we saw a 48% boost in our call conversion rate. Our agents can have better conversations and call quality is dramatically improved.”

About ResponseTap

Providing the missing piece of data to optimise marketing spend and make call centres more efficient, ResponseTap gives brands and agencies incomparable power. Since 2008 the business has been pioneering advanced visitor-level call tracking, heralding many industry firsts, including integration into Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Allowing marketers to connect the customer journey to the phone call, and now for call centres to start the conversation where the online journey left off, ResponseTap’s products optimise campaigns, increase call conversions and improve the customer experience.


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