Comm100 Expands Customer Engagement Solution Suite with Keyword Bot

Comm100, a global provider of omnichannel customer engagement solutions that connect brands with their customers, announced the addition of a conversational, keyword-based chatbot as a standard feature in its suite of customer engagement solutions.

The conversational chatbot gives businesses the opportunity to further engage with their customers 24/7, offering a keyword engine to answer frequently asked questions in a conversational format.

In June 2021, the company introduced their Task Bot solution which takes customers through a decision tree of questions and answers until the customer has either received the answer they seek or asks for additional help from an agent. Completely cloud-based and fully compatible with websites built on any platform including WordPress, Shopify and Magento, the Task Bot helps businesses provide their customers with the best support and service possible, no matter their size.

Expanding on that release, Comm100 today has launched Keyword Bot which allows customers to interact with the chatbot through text on live chat, social and messaging channels. Businesses can set up the bot easily by entering a list of targeted keywords that the chatbot can associate with answers. For example, the keyword “hours” would be associated with the hours that their business is open. The chatbot can then answer with the appropriate information, solving customer issues and saving businesses time and resources to allocate elsewhere.

“Today’s consumers are busy, impatient and increasingly digital-first. That is why Comm100 strives to offer our customers a range of customer engagement solutions that best fit the way they need to connect with their customers including when and how to automate those conversations,” said Jeff Epstein, VP of Marketing & Strategy at Comm100. “Whether it be through text or a simple choose-your-journey question and answer, businesses now have the flexibility to choose what chatbot best suits their customer’s needs – standard with every Comm100 plan.”

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Comm100 is an award-winning global provider of omnichannel customer engagement solutions powered by automation, AI and a friendly interface that’s fast and easy for both visitors and agents to use. Organizations including HomeTrust Bank, Toronto Public Health, IBM and Canadian Blood Services use Comm100 to connect with their customers on digital channels.

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