NICE Advances AI-Driven Customer Experience with 2023 CXone Fall Release

NICE announced the launch of the 2023 CXone Fall Release, expanding AI and automation and increasing openness across the CXone platform.

CXone is the industry’s leading interaction centric platform, enabling organizations to effectively manage all interactions – attended and unattended. As organizations look to infuse AI and automation throughout their CX operations, this release further enhances NICE’s leadership gap with unique capabilities that allow organizations to succeed and compete in the digital era.

Creating a full CX AI platform

With major enhancements to Enlighten AI Routing and Enlighten AutoSummary, CXone now offers fully automated AutoSummary capabilities that are fully native and support voice and digital interactions utilizing generative AI to automate objective summaries for every customer interaction. CXone AutoSummary combines Enlighten’s industry-specific CX AI models with LLMs to help CX organizations save time and cost and improve agent performance. Additionally, with this release, organizations can create best-in-class CX, connecting consumers with agents based on sentiment and with extreme personalization.

Expanded cloud options enhance cloud storage and implementation

With this release, NICE is delivering expanded cloud storage vendor options. In addition to the AWS storage option, CXone now has a storage option with Microsoft Azure, strengthening NICE’s integration with Microsoft, giving customers full flexibility, allowing organizations to easily integrate CXone into their CX operations on their choice of public cloud. NICE has also announced CXone applications’ unique ability to work with any ACD, on-premises or in the cloud. This new strategic capability is designed to meet the unique needs of brands transitioning to cloud-based operations, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their existing ACD systems with CXone applications and shift to the cloud at their own pace. With this latest offering, CXone is the industry’s leading AI-fueled CX platform capable of seamlessly integrating with multiple ACDs.

Advanced Digital Interactions Management with True To Interval (TTI)

NICE continues to innovate and maintain leadership as we bring workforce engagement management (WEM) to the Digital era. NICE’s new True to Interval (TTI) enables organizations to consider the unique challenges of digital channels, revolutionizing forecasting and planning. TTI accurately forecasts and schedules among the complex demands of the digital landscape, taking into account asynchronous, periodic interactions. NICE is the leading WEM provider that offers this level of accuracy. The new CXone dashboard improves visibility and ease of use, breaking down complex data into clear and digestible business insights.

Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, said, “AI is creating a ripple effect driving organizations to create full convergence of CX assets. As organizations adopt AI, they realize that the only way to do it is with an all-encompassing interaction centric platform. With the new fall release, CXone is now the only platform that can serve as the foundation for any organization’s CX AI strategy”

“Every CX-oriented enterprise recognizes the need to incorporate AI in their customer and agent workflows for more personalized interactions and task completion,” said Derek Top, Research Director and Senior Analyst with Opus Research. “The latest CXone release allows them to modernize their CX infrastructure and augment their service offerings. This is one of the reasons that NICE and CXone rated highly in Opus Research’s competitive analyses.”

About NICE

With NICE (Nasdaq: NICE), it’s never been easier for organizations of all sizes around the globe to create extraordinary customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. Featuring the world’s #1 cloud native customer experience platform, CXone, NICE is a worldwide leader in AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software for the contact centre – and beyond. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, partner with NICE to transform – and elevate – every customer interaction.