Viva Air Group partners with Boxever

Boxever, the market-leading personalisation platform announces its partnership with Viva Air, Latin America’s leading low-cost airline. It will use Boxever’s Customer Data Platform and next-generation decisioning engine to help centralise its data and drive personalised experiences for its customers.

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The partnership comes at a time of growth and expansion for Viva Air. The airline has been in business for six years, transporting more than 16.8 million customers across Colombia and Peru. Recently the low-cost carrier opened the first innovation laboratory in the aviation and tourism sector in Latin America – Viva Air Labs which is dedicated to advancing aviation technology through partnerships with universities, government entities and local tech companies.

Off the back of this growth and innovation focus, Viva Air has selected Boxever to help keep the customer at the heart of its business. Boxever’s market-leading technology will help the airline to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with its customers and transform the customer experience throughout the passenger journey, driving more revenues.

“We are very excited to work with Boxever as it is in line with our brand transformation where we are working on improving our clients’ experience from start to finish. This platform will help us transform the way we interact with our current customers and it will help us to bring more in the future “, commented Aurelius Noell, Commercial Vice President of Viva Air.

Dave O’Flanagan, CEO of Boxever, said: “We’re really excited about working with Viva Air Group to transform how it engages its customers. We are proud to work with an airline so committed to customer experience, and look forward to seeing the value our market-leading personalisation technology – powered by data and AI – will bring to Viva Air customers.”

About Boxever

Boxever is a personalisation platform that uses data and AI to make every customer interaction smarter. It connects all your customer, product and operational data, putting your customer at the centre of your business and enabling true one-to-one personalisation. This results in lower acquisition costs, accelerated conversion rates, improved customer engagement and higher lifetime value. Using artificial intelligence, it acts as the “brain” within your customer-tech ecosystem, taking in all data about the customer, deciding what should happen next and executing that action through the most appropriate channels – in real time, as it happens.

Today, leading brands from across the globe – including Emirates, Air New Zealand, Cebu Pacific, Brussels Airlines and Aer Lingus – rely on Boxever to help acquire, convert and retain customers. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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