MedXM Chooses Vonage for Integrated Business Communications

PRESS RELEASE: Vonage announced that Mobile Medical Examination Service, Inc. (MedXM) has chosen Vonage as its business communications partner. Santa Ana-based MedXM is a national leader in the design and implementation of preventive care technology and health risk assessments.

Vonage’s opportunity to partner with MedXM was facilitated through mutual Google partner, VIWO. Vonage will provide MedXM and its 5,000-person medical staff with a full range of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) and Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions to help lower costs and create better outcomes for its customers and members.

MedXM is focused on providing its medical staff with advanced technology to drive highly customizable and improved patient outcome solutions, while also driving down costs. MedXM focuses on three pillars of healthcare: prevention, education and early detection. MedXM and Vonage are aligned in the belief that the successful implementation of these pillars relies on effective communications.

“When we made the decision to move our communications system to the cloud, the most important consideration was partnering with a company that would help us to provide our members – patients, healthcare plans and physicians – with the same robust network of resources and unparalleled customer service that they expect from MedXM,” said Sy Zahedi, CEO, MedXM. “With Vonage, we know we will not only continue to deliver on the promise of our trusted brand, but this move to the cloud will also provide us with the agility we require to connect with our members wherever they are to meet their healthcare needs better and faster.”

To optimize workflow, MedXM is also integrating Vonage’s Premier UCaaS solution into G Suite powered by Google Cloud. With Vonage, MedXM will be able to deploy its communications solution throughout its organization via Google Chrome devices, which will enable the rollout and management of IT infrastructure very quickly and without the need for a large IT staff for support.

“As a Google Premier partner that focuses on the sale of Google G Suite services, we felt that Vonage Business was the right fit for MedXM and its call center requirements, which centered around the use of Google Chromebooks and Android support,” said Denise Hazime, General Manager of VIWO. “The versatility of Vonage and its communication platform allowed VIWO to bring forth the right communications partner to MedXM, to enable a Google-centric call center environment.”

MedXM will also employ Vonage’s advanced contact center, powered by inContact, to enable its full-service, in-house customer service team to enhance and build upon its impressive customer management and support processes. inContact Omnichannel Routing, part of Customer Interaction Cloud, intelligently routes all customer interactions and empowers contact center agents to provide personalized and proactive customer experiences.

Also critical to securing MedXM’s business was the Vonage API platform, Nexmo. MedXM plans to utilize Nexmo APIs to provide unique solutions to further engage with its members through contextual communications. For example, Nexmo APIs will enable MedXM to communicate with members in new ways, from automatically sending appointment reminders, to connecting a MedXM member seeking urgent care with a nearby physician in real time, to bringing doctor and patient together within an hour in the patient’s home.

“We are thrilled to partner with MedXM to help them streamline and unify the way they connect their members with the healthcare plans and providers they need to ensure good health and a better way of life,” said Alan Masarek, Vonage CEO. “Vonage’s partnership with MedXM is a natural extension of both companies’ mission to drive better business outcomes for their customers. The addition of UCaaS capabilities for enhanced collaboration, CPaaS technology for better customer connections, coupled with an enterprise contact center solution and G Suite integration, is a winning combination that provides MedXM with everything it needs to continue to effectively and efficiently drive success for its business and in the healthcare space.”