CallMiner Partners with Nuance to Deliver Enterprise Speech Analytics to Transform the Way Businesses Interact with Customers

CallMiner announces a partnership with Nuance Communications, to incorporate CallMiner Eureka, the leading best-of-breed analytics platform, into their analytics offering. This partnership will deliver improved contact center and agent performance, and optimize the customer experience for enterprises.

Speech analytics enables organizations to analyze 100% of every customer conversation, automating the process of call monitoring and converting call recordings into business intelligence. Through automated call monitoring, organizations can improve agent performance and retention, resulting in more efficient call handling, reduced compliance risk, increased sales, and improved customer service.

The introduction of CallMiner Eureka adds to Nuance’s analytics product portfolio and services practice, allowing for full customer journey analysis, from initial IVR connection through completion of the customer interaction. This will enable enterprises to incorporate the true voice of the customer into their big data initiatives, for much richer customer intelligence and a better customer experience.

“Many businesses are ready to take the next step to better understand customer needs and intent. Speech analytics will allow companies to leverage analytics to dramatically improve how they interact with their customers across all engagement channels including voice, web, email, social, SMS, and others,” says Robert Wiedeman, general manager and executive vice president, Enterprise Division at Nuance. “As a result of this partnership with CallMiner, Nuance is now able to provide visibility and insights into the full customer journey, across all automated and live channels.”.

“We are excited about our partnership with Nuance. The combination of Nuance services and CallMiner Eureka have resulted in a world-class enterprise voice of the customer analytics offering,” says Terry Leahy, CallMiner CEO, “Working with Nuance services will allow us to expand our footprint in Fortune 1000 organizations, worldwide,” Leahy concludes.