[24]7’s Digital Marketing Suite Brings High-Frequency Bidding to the Device Level

[24]7 continues to strengthen its Customer Acquisition Cloud by incorporating high-frequency bidding at the device-level. By adding device-level bidding to intra-day bidding and geo-based bidding, [24]7 helps marketers tap into distinct consumer behaviors that can help them maximize the return on mobile paid search campaigns.

[24]7 is the only company delivering high-frequency bidding at the device-level for companies such as The Holiday Place, one of the UK’s top independent travel agencies for experiential holidays, which has seen a 40 percent increase in conversion at a 3 percent lower cost-per-action.

Consumer intent and conversion rates vary significantly by device making it critical to bid the right amount to optimize paid mobile search investment. The company’s newly enhanced Customer Acquisition Cloud suite now gives search marketers the ability to take advantage of device modifier bidding using a proprietary algorithm. This ensures that they reach audiences at the right time, and pay the right price for the right device.

Mobile search improvements have been further enhanced through [24]7’s partnership with Marchex, which delivers digital marketing automation for inbound call campaigns. Marketers can integrate and measure offline calls, gain insights into acquisition campaigns, and optimize search bidding based on key conversions that happen in the call center.

Facing increasing market competition, The Holiday Place felt pressure to maximize the return on its paid search campaigns. With a wide variety of destinations and multiple active campaigns, the company focused its bidding optimization on only a few destinations that had to be manually updated every few weeks. This limited focus produced limited results. After implementing [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding to automate bidding at the device-level, the company’s bids went from less than 900 to more than 50,000 per day. This resulted in decreased cost and increased conversion. In addition, [24]7’s solution uncovered 228 mid-tail keywords, resulting in 35 percent more additional conversions that the previous model failed to capture.

By using [24]7 Predictive Search Bidding, the Holiday Place experienced:

  • 40 percent overall performance uplift
  • 40 percent mobile conversion increase
  • 21 percent overall conversion increase
  • 13 percent overall cost-per-action reduction
  • 3 percent mobile cost-per-action reduction

“Reaching mobile users is a critical part of our paid search campaigns, but their behaviors vary significantly depending on whether they’re using a smartphone or a tablet,” said Amish Zinzuwadia, paid search executive for The Holiday Place. “[24]7’s device-level approach has led to a significant increase in conversion volume while reducing costs. Furthermore, by automating high-frequency bidding, we’ve freed up search marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives.”

“We give marketers the power to predict, personalize and profit from intent, while influencing consumers at every touch point,” said Scott Horn, chief marketing officer for [24]7. “Since optimal bid varies based on real-time marketplace competition and consumer intent, high-frequency bidding is a game-changer. By combining these powerful technologies, marketers at some of the world’s most well-known brands are dramatically lowering costs and experiencing significant increases in uplift, clicks, conversions, and sales.”

Enhanced Capabilties Engage Customers from Paid Search Through to Post-Purchase Support

In addition to device-level bidding, [24]7 has enhanced its entire Customer Acquisition Cloud with new capabilities designed to better engage customers seamlessly from paid search through to post-purchase support. The [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud helps marketers understand the true value of paid search and gain deeper insight into the full customer journe, including customer preferences, search patterns and interests.

The [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud now includes the following capabilities:

Enhanced Audience Features: Built around [24]7’s expertise in advanced intent models, marketers can optimize bidding and personalization based on geography, age, gender and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA). With real-time intent prediction, marketers can deliver automated personalized ads across display, social and mobile, and drive consumers to a personalized landing page or website.

Digital Shopper Marketing: Consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers can now use digital tactics to improve retail sales. By combining location, affinity and dynamic creative, CPG brands can increase in-store conversions. One major CPG brand saw a 43 percent uplift during a major NFL campaign by combining location-based offers with dynamic creative personalized based on team affinity.

Advanced Forecasting: Today’s search marketers benefit from the ability to forecast and steer the performance of their paid search campaigns to the metrics that matter most. [24]7 now allows businesses to create custom metrics and optimize campaigns towards metrics such as Value Per Action.