Webhelp Plays Crucial Role in Shaping the Future of the Contact Centre Industry in South Africa

Leading global business process outsourcing and customer experience expert, Webhelp, is putting its international experience and pedigree behind renewed efforts to transform the contact centre industry in South Africa.

Following a recent review of the future of the industry body in South Africa, BPeSA, Webhelp’s Craig Gibson, is committing his time and experience to help shape the future of the organisation and the contact centre industry in South Africa by taking a place on the BPeSA Transition Committee.

Gibson, formerly CEO of Webhelp South Africa and now chief commercial officer of Webhelp UK, South Africa and India, has a vast amount of experience in the business process outsourcing world and has long been excited by the prospects of the industry to help to revitalise the South African economy. He oversaw the establishment in South Africa of Webhelp, a French-based company set up in 2000 by two young French entreprenuers, and took it from a start up in the region to an established business with more than 4,000 employees and six international clients.

“The contact centre industry is crucial to the future development of jobs and youth employment in South Africa, which are primary vehicles to drive economic reform in South Africa” commented Gibson.

“Tremendous opportunities exist in this industry. As technological advances continue, so too does the number of businesses keen to appropriately source customer experiences to an expert provider, in a world-class geography, and that means more and better job opportunities for people in South Africa.

“We support a number of international clients from our sites in South Africa and they are consistently impressed with the quality of the people here. With training, development and support, Webhelp is able to create a workforce of South Africans that is equal to first rate customer advisors in any other part of the world. Coupled with excellent infrastructure and lower costs, this makes South Africa a very appealing outsourced location for many international businesses.

“With such potential for the industry in South Africa, it is crucial that we have an industry body that can ensure we take full advantage of the opportunities that exist. The team that is being assembled to transition to a new operating model is unique and will see a range of skills and experience come together to lead this. This is too important for the future of the contact centre industry in South Africa and the development of the economy not to get this right, so that is why I am keen to get involved and play my part.”