Jacada Wins Omni Channel Provider of the Year Excellence Award

Jacada announced that it has been chosen as the Omni Channel Provider of the Year at the 2017 Call Center Week Excellence Awards. In recognition of Jacada’s innovative Visual IVR implementations, the award was presented to recognize superior thinking, creativity, and execution within the customer service industry.

In addition to the Omni Channel Provider of the Year award, Jacada Visual IVR was presented an additional honorable mention for CX Innovation of the Year; an award given to Jacada and its health insurance client.

“We’re thrilled to honor the winners and showcase their remarkable work,” said Mario Matulich, Executive Director, CCW. “The exceptional winners have proven their dedication and ability to go above and beyond and think big to help move the industry forward and innovate the customer care industry.”

“Both the Omni Channel Provider of the Year and the mention for CX Innovation of the Year are a great honor to Jacada and the team behind Visual IVR,” says Guy Yair, Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “We continue to gather customer success stories for Visual IVR and we appreciate receiving recognition for these successes.”

Jacada Visual IVR is a “no-app needed” mobile solution that extends the standard voice IVR visually onto digital channels, enabling a personalized omnichannel customer experience. It can enable a seamless blend of self-service with agent-assisted service across all digital channels including interactions via the web or with existing mobile apps. Jacada Visual IVR has been proven to reduce customer effort, improve self-service, and shorten call times. When and if a customer chooses to speak to an agent, Jacada Visual IVR enables Real Time Collaboration so that the agent can walk a customer through shared documents and images in real time through a dual digital and voice collaboration. Jacada Visual IVR is designed to easily integrate with existing CRMs and agent desktops allowing agents to see the path taken by the customer and the data entered in the Visual IVR session, resulting in a warm and seamless transition to the contact center, with no repeating of information, and an increase in customer satisfaction.