SmartAction Announces Availability of A.I. Powered Intelligent Self-Service Solution on Genesys AppFoundry

SmartAction has launched its intelligent customer self-service solution on the Genesys AppFoundry, an online marketplace for customer experience solutions. The AppFoundry allows Genesys customers to discover, research, and connect with a broad range of customer experience applications, integrations, and services.

“We are excited to build on the Genesys AppFoundry by helping brands introduce intelligent self-service solutions to their customers across every channel – voice, text, chat, and social media,” said Tom Lewis, CEO of SmartAction. “Using SmartAction and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, organizations can enhance their customer journey while also reducing costs.”

SmartAction’s unique Omni-botTM solution combines voice, text, and chatbot functions.

For voice channels, SmartAction takes the dull, frustrating call center interactive voice response (IVR) and makes it productive again with the use of 100 percent natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The system allows users to easily complete many complex, but repeatable, customer service requests that would normally be handled by a live agent.

SmartAction’s Omni-botTM system:

  • Is configured first in voice and then available to deploy in any combination of SMS text, web chat, Facebook Messenger, or Skype – avoiding disparate implementations for voice and digital channels.
  • Accurately recognizes speech or text, understands users’ meaning and intent, and remembers the evolving context of each conversation.
  • Dynamically responds with personalized, context-relevant, accurate answers.
  • Handles complex customer requests across twelve industry verticals, providing automated assistance such as: account authentication, appointment scheduling and rescheduling, checking delivery and order status, conducting surveys, collecting payments, and a variety of outbound conversations.

“Through deep collaboration with partners all over the world, the AppFoundry enables us to deliver world-class applications and solutions to help our customers take their customer experience to the next level,” said Merijn te Booij, chief marketing officer of Genesys. “Companies like SmartAction are harnessing the power of the AppFoundry and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform in creative ways to help our customers differentiate through a single marketplace that addresses their unique needs.”

SmartAction is available on the Genesys AppFoundry here.