DialogTech Launches Dashboard Insights: Omni-Channel Marketing Reports from the World Leader in Phone Call Analytics

DialogTech, the leading provider of actionable marketing analytics for phone calls announced the launch of Dashboard Insights, fully customizable and visually stunning reports that set the standard for how marketers measure and analyze the impact of phone calls on the customer journey. Businesses and agencies can now access and visualize DialogTech’s industry-leading call analytics data however they choose to gain the right insights into how phone calls from digital advertising, website interactions and offline marketing drive appointments, customers and revenue.

Dashboard Insights reports can also include data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and other reporting platforms, so marketers can analyze phone call data alongside online activity for powerful, omni-channel insights.

“DialogTech pioneered call analytics by providing marketers with industry-leading data on calls, callers and conversations and passing that data to the other marketing tools they use to drive growth,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech. “Now with Dashboard Insights, the reporting within the DialogTech platform is truly world-class and a game changer for businesses that value phone calls.”

“When people search for a roofer they often call us to get a free estimate and schedule service,“ said Ryan Gorenflo, Digital Marketing Manager at Mr. Roof, the largest residential roofer in the United States. “DialogTech reports show us how our paid search ads and keywords generate calls and customers for each Mr. Roof location. Plus DialogTech saves us time by including our Google Analytics data with the call data in their dashboard, so we can see how to optimize spend to drive the most conversions, both online and over the phone.”

“Phone calls are important conversions for our dental clients, and we use DialogTech to show them how our marketing gets their phones ringing,” said Michael Curran, President of Apex Dental Solutions, a leading dental marketing agency. “The new Dashboard Insights reports are clean, visually impressive, easy to understand and easy to email to clients. It’s a great way to prove our value and keep customers engaged.”

Customizable Reports for Analyzing Phone Calls

Dashboard Insights makes it easy for marketers to analyze the business impact of the phone calls they generate from every marketing source to every store, dealership, franchisee, call center or other location. From high-level overviews of marketing performance to channel- and location-specific deep dives, DialogTech customers can create beautiful graphical reports to view trends, compare performance and evaluate impact. Businesses, franchises and agencies can get a complete understanding of what marketing efforts drive calls and what happened on each call to each location.

Omni-Channel Dashboards for Holistic Analytics

DialogTech customers can easily connect their Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Twitter accounts to Dashboard Insights to analyze online data alongside phone calls. This holistic view of the customer journey provides a single source of truth into marketing performance – both online and over the phone – for every channel and interaction. Marketers can use Dashboard Insights to create data-driven blueprints for how to optimize media spend, ad targeting and website experiences to have the greatest impact on customer acquisition and revenue.

Simple to Set Up, Personalize and Schedule

Dashboard Insights reports are easy to generate, personalize and share. Easy-to-use widgets speed report creation, templates are sharable and reusable to save time and users can tailor reports to match their branding and include their logo or client’s logo. Recurring reports are easy to schedule and can be automatically emailed to team members, franchise locations and agency clients.