Wizu named a finalist in the Personalising Customer Interactions category of the 2019 UK National Innovation Awards

Directors’ Club United Kingdom, the UK’s fastest growing members club for business leaders, is delighted to announce Wizu as a finalist in the Personalising Customer Interactions category of the 2019 UK National Innovation Awards.

Simon Neve – CEO of Wizu said “Wizu are delighted at being selected for the finals of the National Innovation Awards in the Personalising Customer Interactions category. Wizu is all about enabling companies to connect with their customers through conversations, offering a new level of personalisation and interaction so it is fantastic to be recognised in this category”.

Jon Snow, founder and chairman of Directors’ Club added, “This year’s competition has been tighter than ever. The quality of the first-round written entries was very high and choosing four finalists for each category was tough. Congratulations to Wizu and the other Finalists for demonstrating how innovation can improve both customer experience and operational performance.”

The judges for the UK National Innovation Awards have been recruited from the Directors’ Club membership. All are customer-, operations- or digital-centric leaders from end-user organisations.

The Final results will be announced at 3pm on March 26th.

About Wizu

We’re Fusion Software, the makers of Wizu. We’re a UK based company specialising in the development of innovative solutions in the voice of the customer/ feedback sector. Established in 2001, we have the experience and customer focused approach that delights our customers and ensures word of mouth referrals, many from the enterprise level space.

We’ve developed a whole heap of solutions including Mojo Surveys, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.

Wizu is the latest product from our stable of awesome tools that organizations can use to better understand how their customers and employees feel about them. It offers a conversational UI for Voice of the Customer, helping you to measure and improve customer satisfaction including NPS, CSAT and CES. Inviting your customers to an engaging conversation with a chatbot results in better response rates and deeper insight. Wizu gives you the opportunity to design and build your own chatbots and conversations and include customer specific data to personalise each conversation.


About The UK National Innovation Awards

The UK National Innovation Awards (the Nationals) have been designed by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom to recognise business technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, employee engagement, operations performance, product creation, and profitable growth.

As technology and innovation are at the heart of this initiative, we decided to totally reimagine the concept of B2B recognition and award giving.

The outcome is a unique programme that uses an all-digital platform to execute the entire awards process.

Our aim is to have an as-near-as-possible zero carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Consequently, there are no travel, over-night accommodation or gala dinner expenses associated with our programme.

Directors’ Club is dedicated to promoting the success and growth of all businesses in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the Awards categories are open to all technology developers worldwide who are doing business in the UK.