Enterprises are Migrating to Five9 in 48 Hours to Enable Agents to Work From Home

Five9 announced that as part of their ongoing efforts to help organizations execute their business continuity plans during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Five9 has enabled tens of thousands of contact centre agents to work from home across the globe.

“We are experiencing a huge influx of enterprises needing to quickly pivot to a fully work from home model during the spread of COVID-19,” said Dan Burkland, Five9 President. “Our existing enterprise clients have largely made this transition already and are delivering uninterrupted service to their customers during this trying time. We are thankful that our Five9 solutions allows agents to work from anywhere out of the box as a standard capability.”

For existing customers, the move was simple and easy. Five9 helped its customers move tens of thousands of agents seamlessly between working from the office to working from home with no change in the customer or agent experience. All the contact centre agents need is a computer, a headset, and an internet connection.

For contact centres quickly looking to move to a remote workforce, Five9 has launched the Five9 FastTrack program which offers a 48 hour turnaround time to quickly migrate your contact centre to the cloud and support a work from anywhere model.

“It is remarkable to see how the power of cloud has been a driving force in keeping people employed and connected during these uncertain times,” said Andy Dignan, Five9 SVP of Global Partners, Services and International Sales. “At Five9, we are committed to quickly and efficiently deploying agents to the cloud to support a safe and reliable work from home model.”

To learn more about the Five9 FastTrack program, click here.

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