Emerson Group Selects Astute Customer Experience Software

Astute announced that The Emerson Group has selected the Astute enterprise software suite as its customer experience management (CXM) platform to support its internal customer services group.

As a retail partner of choice for many over-the-counter health and beauty companies, The Emerson Group helps brands connect with consumers in the marketplace. The Emerson Group provides sales, marketing, and support for many of its portfolio of brands, including contact centre infrastructure to support pre-sales and post-sales for consumers. Previously, the company had been using a help desk platform that was not designed for customer engagement, and to tailor that platform to their needs would have been cost prohibitive. Now, all those brands will benefit from Astute’s intuitive, enterprise-level consumer engagement software that enhances efficiency and provides valuable insights into consumer trends and behaviour.

Specifically, The Emerson Group selected Astute Agent as its customer service CRM platform, providing a streamlined and centralised interface for agents to answer customer questions and solve problems through a variety of traditional and digital channels. This includes SMS, so consumers will be able to text with agents using a 1-800 number. The platform is integrated with Agent Assist, a knowledge management solution that gives agents access to a centralised database of content. Whether an agent is a new hire or a seasoned professional, Agent Assist makes sure that everyone has access to the most updated information available. In addition, Agent Assist uses machine learning to analyze conversations and find gaps where agents don’t have answers to questions that are being asked. The software platform provides reporting and analytic capabilities that will enable The Emerson Group to leverage insights to become even more customer focused.

“We are impressed by the specialization in customer service that is built into the Astute suite,” said Anna Marie LaVenia, Director of the Client Services Office at The Emerson Group. “They’ve developed systems and processes that will make our Consumer Information Liaisons’ work easier, faster, and more efficient, all while providing the flexibility for us to tailor the software to our own unique needs.”

“The Emerson Group is highly respected for the level of sophistication and industry expertise that it brings to retail health and beauty brands,” said Dave Butler, Vice President of North American Sales at Astute. “We are excited to support them with smart tools so they can meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated consumer, both today and into the future.”

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