Arise Virtual Solutions announced the acquisition of Officium Labs

Arise, the worldwide leader in Gig-CX and Leader in Everest Group’s 2021 PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Work at Home Agent CXM announced the acquisition of Officium Labs, a cutting-edge platform for CX design, transformation, and BPO services.

“The Arise Gig-CX platform is allowing Brands to completely reimagine their CX strategy. With our rapid growth, it was a natural fit for us to acquire Officium Labs, which expands our ability to design and implement experiences based on Gig-CX that improve satisfaction and grow revenue for our customers.” said Arise’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Etheridge.

Says Jonathan Shroyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Officium Labs, “There are numerous alignments between our organizations and how we see the future of CX platforms. We could not be more excited about joining Arise in their forward-thinking efforts to help Brands and Service Partners be there for customers, be aware of their needs, and be essential in their daily lives.”

A key element in this strategic acquisition for Arise is Officium Lab’s CX Maturity Model, a toolset that leverages data and analytics to turn Customer Care from a cost centre to a profit centre. This crucial consulting capability encompasses automation design and implementation to simplify paths to customer satisfaction and growth.

“The CX Maturity Model is the first opportunity for Brands to get a comprehensive view of their CX landscape. This holistic approach allows customers to prioritize initiatives to drive maximum ROI. With the CX Lab, Brands can build, test, and deploy CX models that drive better results while reducing costs. When you combine this capability with Arise’s powerful technology platform and network of gig-economy Service Partners, we will deliver exceptional value to brands in every area of Customer Care while opening new opportunities for the Service Partners on our platform to reach new Brands.” said Etheridge.

In addition to the CX Maturity Model, Officium Labs also provides a broad number of services including workforce management, quality assurance, fraud, social engagement, content moderation and customer service agents.

Says CEO Shroyer, “Officium’s extensive service capabilities are a true compliment to Arise’s industry leading Gig-CX network. Together we will give Brands the ability to launch highly cost-efficient programs for every CX use case from live agent chat to AI driven automation.”

Officium Labs’ success in the Gaming and Logistics verticals will be adding to Arise’s strength in Retail, FinTech, Travel, BFSI and Healthcare. This vertical reach will allow for greater expansion of complex CX problem solving while delivering exceptional service and cost savings for any Brand focused on transforming their CXM program.

“With our disruptive scheduling technology and the network of 70K+ Service Partners that use our platform, Arise gives Brands the ability to think very differently about capacity planning and both seasonal and intraday flex. When you combine this powerful innovation with Officium Labs’ CX design services, Brands will be able to identify gaps in their CX model faster, use innovative automation, and the power of the Service Partner network to deploy new CX strategies quicker and at scale.” adds Etheridge.

Arise will immediately begin introducing Brands to the CX Maturity Model and meet with Officium customers to share how the power of our Gig-CX platform can transform their Customer Care strategies.

About Arise Virtual Solutions, Inc.

Arise Virtual Solutions has created a disruptive technology platform that connects the world’s biggest brands with the largest network of gig-economy Service Partners in the BPO industry. Innovations in dynamic scheduling can allow clients to deliver up to 200% intraday flex so Brands can be there for their customers. Highly innovative virtual learning programs keep Brands aware of customers’ needs so they offer new solutions that grow share of wallet and increase revenue. Service Partners select brands they love and deliver empathetic, personal care that creates enduring relationships, keeping Brands essential and growing. Arise is using the most innovative technology in the BPO industry to transform CXM for Brands and their customers.

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