Avaya Cloud Office Enables The Learning People to Deliver Exceptional Education Experiences for Thousands of Students

Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, is providing The Learning People, an innovative career and tech education company, with its Avaya Cloud Office UCaaS solution for more agile, flexible, and scalable communication to support its long-term growth.

The Learning People provide curated career counselling and online training for more than 35,000 students, many of whom have landed careers in the tech industry with the help of the company’s exceptional education and career services. The Learning People selected Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral, an all-in-one cloud communication solution, to enhance its customer and employee engagement, and support future expansion.

The Learning People was one of many companies struggling to adopt work-from-home technology during the pandemic. They quickly discovered the existing communications platform they were using lacked the capabilities they needed, including support for robust reporting and analytics. They needed a more feature rich, cloud-based unified communications solution. The Learning People was dependent on its legacy telephony, which proved cumbersome and ineffective for maintaining business continuity. The team also recognised that in an evolving Experience Economy, what matters most to people is how you make them feel. Customer service has evolved beyond the traditional communication channels to one where businesses must deliver always-on experiences while being prepared for unplanned circumstances that impact their customers.

This led The Learning People to select Avaya Cloud Office, which is part of the Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS portfolio. Andy Winstanley, Head of Operations at The Learning People, said, “We chose Avaya Cloud Office with Avaya devices, to meet our needs today and provide a solution that can scale for the future.”

Avaya Cloud Office offers a range of enterprise-grade cloud communications features including video and audio meetings, messaging, file sharing, and task management – all backed by Avaya’s award-winning support with one low, monthly cost billed from one vendor. Avaya Cloud Office supports The Learning People both now and in the future with growth capabilities enabling employees to flexibly communicate anywhere, anytime, using any device to better serve customers, work more productively, and improve business outcomes – all with lower and predictable costs.

“Advances in technology are ushering a revolution in centuries-old protocols in education,” said Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and CMO, Avaya. “The dissemination of knowledge is no longer tied to a physical campus or traditional classrooms. Cloud-based computing, mobile connectivity and streaming video enable collaboration and learning to take place anytime and anywhere. For school districts and higher education institutions communication isn’t simply about a phone system, it is about expanding the reach of knowledge in ways unimaginable before, fostering collaboration inside and outside the classroom and ensuring that students, faculty and staff are kept safe.”

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