Bright Pattern Simplifies Omnichannel Workforce Management with Loxysoft Integration

Bright Pattern, omnichannel contact centre vendor, partners with Loxysoft’s flagship WFM solution, ProScheduler. The solution helps midsize and enterprise businesses leverage their workforce investments to accurately schedule agents using sophisticated software in order to reduce staffing costs while improving ROI.

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The Bright Pattern and Loxysoft ProScheduler integration provides customers with:

  • Optimized schedules
  • Reports for monitoring and making informed business decisions
  • The ability for agents to change shifts and request leave and vacation time
  • Integrations with popular payroll systems
  • Management of collective agreements and work rules

“Staffing contact centres with the right amount of agents can be a difficult task resulting in decreased profitability if accurate forecasting tools are not used,” said Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern. “ProScheduler by Loxysoft providers customers with all the tools they need to properly staff their centers. The WFM solution has enterprise features but remains truly user friendly. Our partnership provides companies of all sizes with an all-in-one contact center solution to improve CSAT and ROI.”

“Bright Pattern’s vision of the future of omnichannel call center solutions perfectly aligns with ProScheduler’s view of how an app can help transform a call centre from both the operations and human resource perspective,” said Sean Vierling, President of Loxysoft. “The integration of ProScheduler into Bright Pattern’s platform will only enhance both softwares’ ability to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a client’s call centre operations.”

“ProScheduler’s greatest contribution to call center operations has always been how quickly our clients get a return on their investment and how it does it by optimizing schedules based around an organization’s reported Service Level requirements,” commented Emma Skygebjerg, Chief Partnership Strategy Officer. “ProScheduler’s ability to improve intra-day management helped reduce agent costs related to operations by 30% in just a matter of weeks.”

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