ScoreData Brings AI And Dynamic Machine Learning™ To Talkdesk Through AppConnect Partnership

ScoreData Corporation announced a strategic partnership with Talkdesk, through its AppConnect innovation ecosystem, to drive enhanced customer experiences and superior business outcomes by leveraging AI and Dynamic Machine LearningTM through ScoreData’s ScoreFast platform.

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This partnership will benefit Talkdesk’s existing and new enterprise customers as Talkdesk continues to gain traction upmarket in the enterprise. Existing customers that have already deployed Talkdesk can unlock further value by leveraging their untapped data to improve customer experiences with a broad range of personalized solutions. Enterprise customers who are embarking on a new journey with Talkdesk will have a highly intelligent, out-of-the-box solution applicable across a broad range of use-cases. With the domain-specific datasets and expertise ScoreData brings, this partnership has the potential to further verticalize Talkdesk solutions and significantly grow market share for the company across multiple verticals including retail, insurance, banking & financial services, media and staffing.

With this partnership, Talkdesk will be able to offer solutions powered by AI and machine learning (ML) enabling its customers to:

  • Deliver superior customer experiences across multiple verticals, upwards from fifty to thousands of seats with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per seat of any AI/ML powered solution in the industry.
  • Leverage a product-based approach to deliver a broad range of turnkey solutions across operational efficiency, revenue growth, churn and risk management, and more.
  • Impact an expansive list of operational KPIs such as First Call Resolution (FCR), Average Handle Time (AHT) and Average Speed of Answer (ASA) across omni-channel touch points in contact centres of all sizes.
  • Provide a highly interoperable solution that works with industry-standard contact centre solutions with existing queuing and routing mechanisms as well as related CRM/ERP solutions.
  • Deliver a lower TCO using patented dynamic learning techniques and automation.

“Talkdesk is excited to have ScoreData join our AppConnect innovation ecosystem” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “Artificial Intelligence and integrated machine learning is the future of the contact centre. The addition of ScoreData offers Talkdesk customers the ability to easily add best-of-breed, cutting-edge solutions leveraging a highly versatile and advanced AI/ML functionality to their contact centre platform.”

“We are looking forward to our partnership with Talkdesk, the fastest growing cloud contact centre platform in the world. Our out-of-the-box integration with this platform will ensure that customers will have access to best-of-breed AI/ML capability natively” said Vas Bhandarkar, CEO, ScoreData. “ScoreData is excited to bring it’s significant industry successes across a broad range of use cases in customer engagement to Talkdesk, and their partners and customers”

ScoreData Corporation was founded in 2014 to help businesses leverage their data to transform customer experiences with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). ScoreData’s patent-pending ScoreFast platform enables businesses to bring robust predictive solutions to market in record time across a broad range of use-cases where businesses engage directly with consumers. ScoreFast’s dynamic machine learning algorithms substantially reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). ScoreFast deployments have demonstrated significant lift, and performance improvements across several use-cases in risk analytics, fraud detection, churn and cross-sell/upsell, in a number of Fortune 1000 customer engagement applications for insurance, financial services, and media industries. Request a demo at