AMC Technology Joins Twilio Build as a Gold Certified Partner and the first Reseller for Twilio Flex

AMC Technology announces it has become a Gold Certified Partner and the first Reseller Partner for Twilio Flex. AMC has completed the training and requirements necessary to become a reseller and has also met all the requirements to receive Twilio’s Consulting Build certification for partners.

Contact Centre CLUB

“We’re excited to engage in this partnership with Twilio because our goals for the future of the contact centre and the communication space align. We’re both dedicated to giving organizations the ability to design a unique customer and agent experience, providing true omnichannel capabilities and most importantly allowing customization for every element of their contact center. I can’t overemphasize how different Twilio Flex is from any other vendor when it comes to flexibility,” said Anthony Uliano, Founder and CTO of AMC Technology.

Since its launch in June, Twilio Build leverages the experience from organizations like AMC Technology, to strategically engage with different audiences and deliver innovative communication powered by Twilio’s “API-first, developer-first” approach.

AMC Technology offers customers a variety of options for integration with Twilio Flex. AMC can offer implementation and development services using the Twilio Flex UI or integration with leading CRM applications like Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP, and ServiceNow through AMC’s new DaVinci platform as an embedded agent experience.

“Historically, companies have been challenged by SaaS models that are difficult to customize and on-premises models that are costly and slow to deploy,” said George Hu, chief operating officer at Twilio. “Twilio’s platform empowers partners to build custom, scalable communications solutions for their customers without limits, allowing them to see value from their implementations faster than ever before. The Twilio platform is tailor-made for companies like AMC Technology that are defining the future, supported by our partner program Build that includes all they need to transform their business.”

For more information about AMC’s DaVinci App for Twilio Flex, find the listing on Twilio’s Partner Showcase or visit