CallMiner Announces Eureka Speech Analytics for Amazon Connect Customers

CallMiner, developer of customer engagement and speech analytics platform Eureka, announces its collaboration with Amazon Connect cloud-hosted contact center service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new development will allow businesses of any size that are using Amazon Connect to extract meaningful business insights from customer conversations to improve contact center and agent performance, and elevate the customer experience.

Now, Amazon Connect automatically sends recordings and call metadata to the Eureka platform for analytics processing. Once processed, calls can be searched, analyzed, and reviewed through the CallMiner Eureka interface to identify and track behaviors, sentiment and specific language. The Eureka call player lets users navigate to the precise location in a call recording and transcript where silence, over-talk, compliance or escalation language is evident. Armed with these voice of the customer insights, contact center supervisors can improve agent performance with individualized, non-biased, consistent coaching and more effective training based on trends and best practices. Eureka also provides actionable data to improve contact center efficiency, compliance adherence, sales effectiveness, and customer intelligence.

“We are excited about the collaboration with Amazon Connect, and the prospect it provides for expanding our customer base of CallMiner Eureka users through the AWS Partner Network (APN),” says Terry Leahy, CallMiner CEO. “Now Amazon Connect customers, from small organizations to large enterprises, have access to the same analytics technology used to analyze the millions of customer interactions Amazon has with its customers every month. Amazon Connect and AWS allow for a very easy integration with CallMiner Eureka,” Leahy concludes.

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