Cyara Launches Leading-Edge Call Recording Validation Platform

PRESS RELEASE: Cyara, the market leader of omnichannel customer experience testing and monitoring solutions announced it has added its Call Recording Validation (“CRV”) to the award-winning Cyara Platform. CRV provides organizations with the validation that their call recording software is operational on all calls, that the quality meets client standards, and that the recordings can be retrieved whenever needed.

CRV brings a proactive approach to recording validation by placing synthetic calls and comparing the actual caller experience with the recording. CRV has been tested and certified to the Open – NICE Development Partners Program, which adds this component for NICE customers requiring a third party validation platform.

CRV provides users a proactive testing platform that leverages Cyara’s proven audio quality assurance technology. CRV goes beyond merely verifying the capture of a recorded call, it also has the ability to validate the audio quality of that call and it accurately reproduces the content of incoming calls, including all participating call center agents. CRV compares the call made by its monitoring solution with the content captured on the NICE call recording system, inspects the audio through speech recognition and Voice Quality assessment to determine the Mean Opinion Scores (“MOS”), and recognizes a variety of audio quality issues. So with CRV, organizations can quickly identify and address any issues with their call recording system prior to going live, and benefit from ongoing, real-time quality assurance once it goes live. This integral feature now ensures that customers have full management visibility over all customer conversations that take place in their call centers.

“Call recording and validation are essential components to our customers’ success, as they provide regulatory compliance, insight on agent training, and ensure superior customer experiences,” said James Isaacs, Cyara’s president. “When an organization invests in call recording for its customers, the solution is only as good as its ability to capture and render the audio clearly and accurately. Cyara’s CRV platform allows organizations to realize the true value of that investment.”

“We’re proud to welcome Cyara as the first NICE open partner to certify a developed solution though NICE labs,” said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. “We continually explore new and innovative ways to address our customers’ ever-increasing need to comply with voice recording regulations. Cyara’s CRV technology has proven itself to satisfy those needs by providing exceptional real-time quality assurance and a sustained level of protection for call centers.”