IP Integration launches TrustCall On-Demand

TrustCall (an IP Integration company), a leading provider of customer engagement solutions, is exhibiting at and is Principal Sponsor of this week’s PCI London event (Park Plaza, Victoria 5th July). The company will be launching its newly patented technology, TrustCall On-Demand, solution which has been designed to enable contact centres to initiate secure, invisible and rapid call-outs to a cloud payment processing platform ensuring full-compliance with PCI DSS and future proofing for future regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The patent for TrustCall On-Demand was pending for two years before being granted in April, allowing TrustCall to introduce its pioneering solution. As well as the regulatory compliance and security that it offers, the other key benefit is that it recognises when a payment needs to be made and routes it away from the network to a secure cloud-based platform.

“This is the first true pay-per-transaction model for taking PCI compliant payments over voice, webchat and SMS, and as such it can significantly lower costs for contact centres,” said Steve Murray, Senior Director at Trustcall. “The innovative technology we’ve developed has ensured the grant of this patent; it is ground-breaking, and will improve both efficiency and costs for customers, some of whom are paying large amounts to route all their calls to meet with compliance, when only 10% or 20% actually relate to a payment.”

TrustCall On-Demand can be embedded into existing CRM solutions, or used as an independent application and agents can be confident that they will never see sensitive information. The solution also ensures that, because data is intercepted at the network level, the call with the customer is not interrupted, and the customer receives a seamless experience.

Joe Prentis, CEO and Founder of IP Integration, said: “It is a constant challenge for contact centres to remain compliant with PCI DSS and other forthcoming regulations and to manage the cost of handling payment-related calls. With the launch of TrustCall, we have created a solution that gives them options that will lower their costs without forcing them to compromise on compliance or delivering a great customer experience.”

On-Demand will be part of a collection of complementary solutions that are being launched under the TrustCall brand