Unify and MicroAutomation Bring Innovative NG9-1-1 Solution to Tinker Air Force Base

MicroAutomation, a recognized leader in 9-1-1 solutions, and Unify, the Atos brand for communications software and services, are partnering to bring the most innovative NextGen 9-1-1 solution to Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK.

MicroAutomation’s CallCenter Millennium E9-1-1 product has been successfully re-certified to operate with Unify’s OpenScape Voice solution by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

JITC, part of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), conducts the highest level of information assurance and interoperability testing for systems developed to operate within the DoD. These certifications are generally accepted as the gold standard for all mission-critical applications in the public sector.

This expanded JITC certification covers MicroAutomation’s E9-1-1 solution operating with Unify’s OpenScape Voice solution. OpenScape Voice is a highly reliable, redundant and fault-tolerant native SIP-based voice solution. This type of carrier-grade and geo-diverse IP platform is a key component of the industry’s NextGen 9-1-1 requirements.

As a result of this expanded JITC certification, Unify was awarded a contract to modernize the 9-1-1 center at Tinker Air Force Base and leverage the full potential of NextGen features and standards. NG9-1-1 systems use IP-based technology to receive data from a wider array of devices and media, and deliver more accurate caller locating capabilities than legacy 9-1-1 infrastructure.

“We are proud to be able to bring our proven and certified NG9-1-1 solution to DoD customers,” explains Suresh Gursahaney, CEO of MicroAutomation. “These customers frequently lag behind their local government counterparts in being able to take advantage of increased capabilities that solutions built to support the NENA I3 standards for NextGen9-1-1 can offer. With this updated and expanded JITC re-certification, MicroAutomation can now support virtually any DoD facility environment as they upgrade to NG9-1-1.”

“Ensuring first responders are equipped with the right technology to respond to emergency situations fluidly across different media, devices and locations is critical for U.S. military bases,” said Russell Brodsky, Director of Federal Government Sales for Unify. “OpenScape enables organizations to easily upgrade systems to NG9-1-1 and ultimately provides the collaboration and communication tools needed to help improve public safety.”